Should we close down the jobs category?

Over the past few months, the good folks at Silicon Canal (of which I’m an Ambasador) have been working hard on improving their site and services, with one such improvement being the addition of a jobs board.

Because of this, I’m considering closing down the jobs category here on the forum, and instead directing companies over there.

They do have a nominal fee for posting a listing, but this is mostly just to deflect the time wasters, and seeing as the money goes directly back into Silicon Canal, we know it’s going to a good cause…

…although as members of the forum, you won’t need to spend anything because they’ve given us a code for free listings:


(If we all ask them nicely, they may give us one that’s a bit easier to remember, like

I realise this change would be fine for the companies looking to hire staff, as they’ll gain access to a better system for recruitment, and it’ll help tidy up the post listings here on the forum - but isn’t so good for the the other side: i.e. the people trying to get hired…

…so I propose the addition of a Connections category. This will be for anyone (people, not businesses) looking to make connections with other people - be it because they’re after a job, looking for partners on a personal project, or maybe just a trip out.

Anyway, all feedback welcome, please let me (and Silicon Canal) know what you think.

Could we limit the new “Connections” category to people with the member badge? ( ) - To me that would clear up most of the noise with people, who sign up only to post a job and have no true interest in the community.


You could redirect people over there but keep the board to see if they go and if they don’t, ask why.

I think jobs are always difficult because employers won’t encourage employees to get involved in organisations that try to pinch their staff and there are always agencies that will try to muscle in on a free service. The balance here has felt about right. It has been an extension of the relationships between individuals who might chat at a meetup, which you stated to be your aim when you created

The BCS always resisted having any association with recruitment firms but, as times got hard, they capitulated. If an agency offered to run the SIlicon Canal board, or sponsor it, would they resist? Some of the startups that we’ve seen here aren’t really ‘companies’ yet. They may not have bank accounts or any money yet.

Idea: only allow job posts from existing members (e.g. 1 month, 3 interactions in the last months?) so a desperate agent doesn’t just join to post 1 job then disappear. But: I think people who came here to post a job may have stayed.

Yes, I believe we can, and think that’s a good idea.

Much like with what @rythie’s said, I think that if we choose to keep the jobs category, this may well be a good change to implement. I’m also wondering if it’s possible to automatically delete threads older than, say, a month.

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HIstory is useful for people assessing supply and demand of skills and some large companies can take a month to decide who to interview, another month to make a decision and another month to get budget clearance. Yes, I’d think they’d do that first too but imagine the embarrassment of having budget that you couldn’t spend, because the candidates you selected all started work somewhere more efficient, a month ago.

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Not sure we need to delete the posts, it might cause people to repost instead anyway.

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Obviously a personal view, but I agree that moving job ads elsewhere is a good move.


I see some of the ads and feel driven to question their veracity. Mostly, I hold back, but the bs niggles because I feel obliged to challenge bs. Discourse is the reason I come here, and I’m very glad you put up with me!

Quite a few job ads are bs. Letting them stand unchallenged is capitulation, and it devalues this place.

Begone we’re agile, because we do stand ups and use Jira (in an agile way; assigning tasks to you and measuring your “productivity”), and you must be proficient in the 1900’s “office suite”, because we bleed the edge like ninjas.

But maybe I’m the only one who reads job ads in this way.


Nope, many definitely gave that vibe to me too.


I am also a Silicon Canal Ambassador. We added the jobs board to the site with the hope that it would help the community. If nothing else its a great place to find companies you didn’t know existed in the ecosystem.

We do have a recruitment sponsor for it - Technical Team Solutions and they do post some jobs to the board. We choose them because we thought of all the recruiters they were the most in-touch with the community, for example they run the ever popular Fusion Meetup.

The other advantage of the SC jobs board is that its not behind a login wall so gets good traffic and therefore exposure.

Just wanted to give you some input from the SC side. Personally I think having multiple places for jobs is no bad thing.


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To me, people who are here often should be tell us there is an opening where they work (i.e. for them or with them).

Of the the most recent 20 Job postings, only 4 were posted by those with the Member badge, which were:

The quality of those seems pretty good and it would cut down the volume of posting by restricting to member anyway.

I wonder if we could have a badge, for read the Job posting rules and require that before posting?

Also, could we say that if you have multiple jobs, put them in one post if possible?

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[Looking for staff] Birmingham - Mid-level Ruby & PHP Developer

We are seeking a mid-level Ruby & PHP Developer to join this exciting, young RegTech startup business. The successful candidate will be responsible for helping to design and build the enterprise level product alongside, and reporting to the CTO. Additionally, you will be responsible for maintaining the existing prototype product as required while the enterprise version is under development.

You should have put that in jobs category!

Good point, duly corrected.

Is it worthwhile for someone to put up a free jobs site/board that’s Brum specific? Might be nice to have something that’s free for potential employers focused on the area…

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Isn’t that what the Silicon Canal jobs board is doing? Or have I misunderstood something?

Ah, I thought it involved a fee to post roles?

There is a nominal fee for posting a job (although I admit to not knowing how much that is), but members of the forum can use the code above to post jobs for free.

Yeah, I’ll see if anyone fancies helping with putting up a free (but moderated!) jobs board elsewhere, as well. Having multiple points to engage w hiring and talent isn’t going to hurt the community and having space that’s decoupled from fees and larger business interests is something I would love to see :tada:


I’d be happy to donate a subdomain to such a project, if it’s required - or something - provided it falls under the criteria required.

My only desire in all of this is not having to deal with recruitment via the forum, as I don’t think it’s the best place for it (for many of the reasons listed above).

Having ‘one place to go’ is an enormous advantage, but then there’s Google. What about a distributed system, so we could choose our provider but share the data, like SMTP email, XMPP chat or social systems like Diaspora* ? I’d like to see more use of market forces to iteratively improve cooperative social networks.

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