Share an image of your workstation

(Daniel Hollands) #21

I have been listening to a lot of Prog Rock this past week, maybe it’s been an unconscious influence? :musical_keyboard:

(Patrick S) #22

What model of ultrawide is that? I quite like the look of that, fancy one myself.

(Matt Andrews) #23

Just found the box – it’s a 34UM95:

(Rob Styles) #24

A quiet space in my loft to work-from-home.

(Andy Wootton) #25

Matt are you using Linux on your Mac?

(Steve Jalim) #26

@woo That’s def OSX in the screenshot, if that’s what you’re referring to

(Andy Wootton) #27

I was confused by Matt’s “Linux on the desktop” comment but I now realise it was a response to Dan’s sign in the previous photo.

(Matt Andrews) #28

Yep! Rubbish attempt at humour…

(Andy Wootton) #29

Not helped by me reading the thread backwards, to be fair; though it is supporting evidence for my idea that one dimension of space-time being one-way ISN’T FAIR to people like me.

You can infer whatever you wish from that. :slight_smile:

@mattpointblank I thought you could have a secret Linux box hidden on your desk (not that I’VE ever done that!) or might be channelling the dark arts of virtualisation.

(Daniel Hollands) #30

New flat, new office (not just the corner of the living room), new workstation set-up…

This is still a work in progress, as I’ve only been in the flat for two and a half weeks (and the rest of the flat seemed more important to get sorted out - even if only to stop Lucy’s nagging), but it’s good enough that I can get on with some work.

Also visible - the super comfortable recliner chair, which I often sit in when working on my laptop.

Not visible - the rest of my woodworking and electronics junk, most of which has been shoved into a cupboard for later organisation.

(Daniel Hollands) #31

Here we go, now that the office is (mostly) finished and unpacked, here’s a video showing off:

(Andrew Porter) #32

I got moved - made it home though :wink: