Share a screenie of your IDE

(Daniel Hollands) #1

I’ve seen something similar to this on other communities - threats dedicated to people sharing screenshots of their desktop (and, you know what, that might not be such a bad idea for the new Geek forum), but this is the Coder forum, so seeing as we spend most of our time in an IDE, it’s only fair that it looks nice.

So please, use this thread to share with us a screenshot of your IDE, along with some details of whatever customisations you’ve made to it.

(Although you can upload images to this forum, there is an file size limit, so you might be better off using something like Imgur to upload the image, then embed it into the post by simply pasting the URL - the forum should do the rest for you).

I’ll start:

This is JetBrain’s PHPStorm (one of the EAP builds) running the Darcula theme. As discussed in another thread, this is using the Anonymous Pro font, with a font size of 15 and a line spacing of 1.4

What about you?

Who else is a total geek about how their IDE works? You'll love this
Share a screenie of your computer's desktop
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(Andy Henson) #2

Here’s an example of how my MacVim looks. The windows change constantly but here’s an example of the Fugitive plugin where I can interactively select the code I want to commit from within vim.

This is Inconsolata at font size 18 (I’m getting old and it’s a 27" screen). It’s actually a slightly modified font so that the status bar can show more things and be prettier (You can see it at the bottom of the top right window). The theme is solarized-dark. I’ve also increased the linespacing slightly (in vim it’s actually by pixels) from the default and also antialias the text because I prefer how that looks on Mac OS X.

In case you’re interested I also like to have the line numbers on and the current line highlighted. And finally, whilst you can’t see it in this screenshot (again being in Fugitive mode) the line numbers are usually shown relative to the current line number with the current line showing its actual line number. I do have a keyboard mapping which toggles between normal and relative mode because sometimes it’s easier to see the actual line numbers to jump around the file.

Anything else you’d like to know?