Setting up a home LAN

Long ago I had quite a complex LAN with a firewall, DMZ, WiFi bridging subnet to my TV with WAPs etc. but when my ISP gave me a new ASDL - Ethernet and Wifi gateway box, I realised that I no longer did anything other than connect my boxes to the web so I let the box just allocate IP addresses as it saw fit. I leave the gateway on but don’t currently leave power to anything else. I have a Pi I could use.

Now I’m starting to play Pi, I’ve decided I need to get a bit more sophisticated. Can anyone recommend a good ‘pattern’ for allocating a host name I can connect to, when I don’t know if the box I want will be connected by Ethernet or WiFi at the time I want it? I don’t know my way around this gateway yet but I remember not being too impressed. I might try to get a new one.

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