Secret santa gift exchange within the community

Who fancies doing a Secret Santa within the community?

  • Yes, I’d love to take part in secret santa.
  • Bah humbug, no thank you.

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I’ve not put too much thought into the logistics of it yet, as I want to get an idea of numbers first, so if anyone has any good ideas for how this could be arranged, or have any other comments (such as what the spend limit should be, etc…) let me know - otherwise, vote in the poll, and if there is enough interest, I’ll investigate further.

Regarding the logistics: I feel we need some React+WebSockets based, Containerised, Machine Learning app to assign the Santas. Built using node.js and Go, naturally. :wink:

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You forgot Redis and MongoDB. Will it be hosted on AWS? :grin:

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Bytemark, of course :slight_smile:


Erlang or bust, I say

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Naturally, we’ll need a real time Santa tracking system built using NFC, Swift, iBeacon and with an Erlang back end.


And drones. We’re gonna need drones.


This, of course, is what I meant about the logistics - we’re lucky that this community is based on a geographic location, so there should be a minimal need to post stuff (or use drones, alas), we can instead have a central drop off/collection centre somewhere in the town centre (or something).

I think a £10 budget for gifts is usually good. £5 is too little but anything more and it starts to get expensive.

Why don’t we arrange a Christmas night out where everyone can meet up to exchange gifts. To keep it secret before you hand your gift to the person you’ve brought for you just swap with several other people before or everyone can just place items on a table when they arrive. If for any reason your recipient isn’t able to make the present exchange people can just post them then.

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My word, they’re still going!

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Yeah, quality wins. They are excellent.

At time of posting, we’ve had 10 votes, 7 of which are in favour of the idea.

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