Second Anniversery Party on 3rd June - get your tickets here

On Friday 3rd June, is celebrating it two-year anniversery by hosting a casual gathering and awards ceremony at the E-Spark office at Saint Philip’s Place.

Starting at 6:00pm, the party will let you mingle with the rest of the community, compete in some fun challenges provided by School of Code, and cheer on the award winners. Then at around 9:00pm we’ll filter out of the office and into a bar, before seeing what the rest of the evening has in store for us.

The party is free, but you’ll need a ticket for entry, otherwise we won’t know how many refreshments to get.

Very special thanks to @bhish and @cwissy for all their help getting this organised - if not for them we’d all be trying to fit into my flat sharing glasses of water :joy:.

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Brill, have RSVPd! Thanks to all involved for organising it!

Do you have any info on what’s involved with the challenges?

I’ll let @bhish and @cwissy field this question - although it might be more fun to wait and see :wink:

Sad to miss this :frowning: but I hope it’s an enjoyable evening for all. Can’t believe it’s been 2 years already!

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There are some pretty cool machines coming from with some new and retro games… Rocket League is included!


Sounds great, just signed up!

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I’m new to the group and to Birmingham so I’m really looking forward to meeting you all at the event on Friday!

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In that case, welcome to the community :slight_smile: Feel free to introduce yourself: #introductions

I finally signed up. I wasn’t aware that you could get a ticket without signing up to Eventbrite, by giving them your email address to spam instead. Google Mail can man the bailer.

Just wanted to wish everyone a fabulous time. Wish I could be there.

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Yep - have fun. Will try to be there for the third anniversary!

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I’ll be in town anyways, so why not show my face.

Great meetup / party last night. Thanks @LimeBlast for putting so much into making awesome.


Even though I wasn’t there last night :sob: I endorse this message.

And it’s reassuring to know you have our backs covered come the zombie apocalypse :sunny:

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Thank you so much to everyone that came last night, I think we all had a great time.

Congratulations to @sil and @rythie for winning the Community Spirit award, they both very much deserve it, and I’m glad I’ve been able to reward them like this.

Congratulations also to @woo (most active member) and @SylarRuby (most popular thread) for their awards - keep the conversation going.

And, of course, a huge thank you to @cwissy and @bhish for helping organise the party, to e-spark for hosting it, and to Joypads for the gaming stations.

I have some photos which I’d like to share, but I’m away this weekend so they’ll have to wait until Monday - but if you have some photos, feel free to post them here.


My 4 word heffalump acceptance speech implied that I’d say more on-line, so:

I’d like to add my personal thanks to Dan @LimeBlast for giving me a friendly place to spend so much of my time. Dan has done this without ever trying to be ‘a leader’. He does stuff, sets the tone, asks what we think and the rest of us tag along because we like what’s happened here. Whether this is great servant-leadership or anarchy doesn’t bother me much but I think the whole of Birmingham and the Midland countiies will benefit from what he’s done, so thanks.

I’m planning a response to the Silicon Canal White-paper, which I read on the way to the party. I’d also like responses and contributions, to help it to improve and represent a wider set of opinions than my own. I heard enough comments last night from people who don’t see themselves as entrepreneurs to think there might be an alternate vision that shares many of the objectives of the whitepaper but starts with a different set of assumptions and values.


A couple of quick pictures I took at the event:

And a picture of @sil and my Community Spirit award:

and @sil did a video:


Looks like I missed a great event :frowning:

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