Second Anniversary Party - What's your availability?

As this community goes from strength to strength, with new members joining all the time (we’ve got 434 members at time of posting), we’re organising a party in late-May/early-June to celebrate the site’s second birthday (which is on the 1st June 2016).

Much like last year, to work out the best date for the event, and to get an idea of numbers (which in turn will help us choose a suitable venue), we’re hosting a doodle poll:

There are seven options, covering the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and (bank holiday) Monday of the weekend before the 1st June, along with the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the weekend after. If it’s a Friday or Saturday, it’ll be an evening bash, where as a Sunday or Monday it’ll be a lazy afternoon deal.

I know this is still a few months away, but if you could give us an idea of when is best for you, it’ll really help us plan this, and let us have an even better party than last year.

And last, but not least, thanks to @bhish and @cwissy who have volunteered to help organise and sponsor the party - with their help, and some of the ideas we have for it, it should be an amazing event!

Bit early to be 100% sure of availability, tentatively i’ll put down a yes.

This isn’t an issue, as right now I’m just after a rough idea.

I’m going to leave the poll running until the end of the week, then fix the date and move onto the next part of the process - choosing/booking the venue.

The votes have been counted, and a winner has been selected - Friday 3rd June.

Next step, find a venue.

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