School of Code Bootcamp


Hey all,

You may have heard, but looking to start a coding bootcamp in Birmingham. Launching this September, applications are open now at

These bootcamps have become really popular in recent years, but usually they charge students money up front (£5k-£15k), and since you aren’t really earning whilst your on the course, it means people without access to a lot of savings usually are put off. Our bootcamp will be free for participants as I want to try to open up technology to more types of people and remove barriers into the industry. Packt Publishing are the headline sponsors, with Innovation Birmingham supporting us with the space.

The focus is positive outcomes for people, so we will aim to help them into jobs or help them earn money through consultancy projects when the course is finished. And, when placing a student in a job we ask for a recruitment fee from the employer to help make the course sustainable (and run more, if it works).

Couple of things - if you know anyone that would be interested, please get them to apply. If you want to help by mentoring on the course, let me know - the more the merrier. We will be teaching full-stack JavaScript, but any developer would be able to add some value to the course recruits. And finally, if you know any employers hiring for 2018 or people with projects that will need to be started around that time then please put them in touch - email