Sam's the name, introducing myself is the game!

Hello All,

Joined up on Friday and was pointed in this direction to introduce myself!

The name’s Sam Fitzpatrick and I’m 25, lived in Birmingham for all my life… I’m straight outta Chelmsley Wood (or North Solihull if we want to annoy our neighbours to the south) and work in the Jewellery Quarter for a management consultancy called Magic Milestones.

Love tech, can do a bit of code, qualified Scrum Master with operations, finance, and project management experience so I like to think I’m a bit of an all-rounder! Recently found myself in the realms of marketing and more product dev based endeavours. I’ve been to a few meetups and also helped host a few!

I’m here to ask for help and give help where I can! It looks like we have a great community here.

See you around!

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Welcome to the Palace of Light and Culture. :smile:

Welcome aboard the chat train, Sam!

Welcome @SamFitzpatrick, very happy to have you here.

I have to admit, I’m jealous of anyone that works in JQ. It’s right near my flat, and the whole area is very pretty. I don’t go to JQ anywhere near enough.

You’ve very close to Peel & Stone bakery though @LimeBlast, and that’s certainly worth being a bit chipper about. Have you been? Their sandwiches are truly awesome.

Looks like a nice place, I’ll have to try it for lunch one day! Anything you particularly recommend, @halfer ?

I’ve not been, no. I’m a bit rubbish with that sort of things… Mind you, I can’t seem to find them on Street View, so I’d probably not be able to find them in real life either.

If you head to Old Snow Hill (Frost and Snow and Midland Heart housing) on the outside of the JQ, then they’re under one of the arches behind there.

No recommendations, as they deliberately redo the menu frequently - so my policy is “whatever is tasty” i.e everything! I’m semi-vegetarian, and they cater well there, but all their meat is free range and traceable from what I recall.
Same (an overlap of) people that started cocktails at Island Bar, and Soul Food Project at The Victoria, The Hare and Hounds out in ‘The Village’ and mobile at festivals. Now involved in providing the food at The Church, I believe.
I wanted to go to their clam bake on the roof but my wife used her violent alergic reaction to shell-fish as an excuse. I’ve seen the chef on the decks of an excellent, if dangerously loud, reggae sound-system. Good taste all round, that chap.

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Welcome to Birmingham’s Input and Output, @SamFitzpatrick. You’ll find it friendly here.

Peel and Stone is the best. <3 their pulled pork.

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