Ruby on Rails CMS For School

I’m helping out a school where they need to update their current website. It must be CMS based. Anyone know of an elegant crm for ruby on rails? I was looking at Spina.

Do you mean CRM (customer relationship management), or CMS (content management system)? I only ask because Spina is a CMS.

If you do indeed mean CMS, can I ask, why does it have to be Ruby-based? Are you looking to build something more dynamic, and if so, to what level of dynamicism (not a word, don’t care) do you need?

Depending on your requirements, maybe one of the platforms I’ve outlined here might be handy:

If you do need something more than just a CMS, however, look at Comfortable Mexican Sofa. I’ve not used it myself, but I’ve heard about it.

Yes, I’ll be using Ruby on Rails here. I’ve also made a typo so I’ve changed it to CMS.

They need full control over the website’s content so I thought a CMS would be best. They’ve also wanted features and I thought I could easily do what they want in ruby. They currently have an outdated Wordpress site that was built by someone who they cant get a hold of.

I know this might sound like a dumb suggestions but why not just update the Wordpress site, perhaps stick a new lick of paint on it with a new theme and it should be good to go.

no need to then move content across build functionality that I would more than likely assume is already available in WordPress and of course its probably going to be a heck of a lot quicker, also thinking long term are you always going to be around to help maintain the site run upgrades etc?

Nope! But…they are thinking of getting someone full-time! But as you’ve said that, I now have second thoughts. They do need a new website and what they want to achieve I can do in a day (back-end bit). Here is their website: They need a complete rewrite, trust me. But if I use Rails, no one has a clue what’s that so I may just have to take a day or so to brush up on learning oop php :frowning:

Not wanting to do you out of some work, SylarRuby, but if the school is going ot take on someone full-time to maintain their web site, it might actually be worth investigating a SaaS provider instead, such as

(Disclosure: PrimarySite is, indirectly, a former client of mine. They are super-lovely people and really really help primary schools create great sites using their platform)

Not at all

That maybe me…who knows :wink: But they are moving from having someone “outside” building/maintaining their website so they wont go that route…maybe.

As you’ve probably worked out, I know next to nothing about web development. But I know less than that about Ruby. Is it sufficiently widely-used tech for a future volunteer to be likely to be familiar with? Schools are going to be shedding staff in the next few years, according to my friend in the NUT. It looks a fairly static web site. Does a school need much more than that? Would JS be adequate?

I thought I should check my assumptions:

I’ll be sitting down with their IT manager next week to really know what they want from the website.

Don’t do it. Use WordPress. Support is easier, plenty of online training resources, third parties who can redesign or build on top of it.
If they need extra stuff, build them a custom plugin.

I help run about 8 WP school sites. I wouldn’t dream of building a custom thing. Plus most schools probably can’t afford a whole custom site, but a bespoke theme is affordable.
Plus easier hosting. Who doesn’t provide a LAMP stack

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I’ll know in the week but I’m now confident with Rails. I’m no longer teaching myself new things, I’ll work with what I’m already used to.


For everything else, there’s Heroku :wink:

You seem to be making a decision to put your interests to use tech you know ahead of your client’s interest to have a maintainable system (without you.) This is a technique widely used by bad contractors to make themselves indispensable but I don’t recommend it as a long-term career option. If you leave, everything you have done will be dumped, unless others can look after it. When you put the site on your CV and it has gone 6 months later, it doesn’t look good.

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Don’t do it, use anything but Wordpress.

Today is the big meeting day so I’ll know what to use or not.

Cost it first. Cost it first. Cost it first. Cost it first. Cost it first. Cost it first.

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Yup. Digital Ocean would fit best in the long run.

Any follow up on this? Be nice to know how it ended up.

Short story: That’s on hold until I get me a job.

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