Remote working in Covid-19 lockdown-land

Sharing experience of tools, tech, techniques and methods:

Last night, ‘Product Tank’ took place over instead of Google Meet. Last month I learned that Meet is unusable over Firefox with more than half a dozen people but OK with Chromium/ is a newish startup that has just had new funding. It claims to support many participants, who can break up into groups. You see a plan view of people’s faces dropped into ‘room circles’ and the live feeds of the people you are in a room with. We discussed using it as a party house for remote family gatherings over Christmas. It is currently free to use.

My wife just had an email that Microsoft Teams has also acquired break-out rooms. Teams breaks up badly on slow links.

I’ve tried Hangouts, WhatsApp and Jitsi but I’ve found Zoom to be noticeably more stable than the others. We chatted last night about there being an upper limit on a single room for a ‘peer-to-peer’ chat on Free Zoom, if all voices are going to be heard. It works well for a presentation broadcast.

Please tell us what you’ve learned, so far?

Another opinion last night was that none of us would ideally be full-time home or office workers any more. That seems to have major implications for Brum office space.

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