Reminder: Prioritisation Lightning Talks & Product Therapy - Wed 27th Nov

Hi there,

We’re looking forward to next week’s Product Tank Brum at Talis. Full details are available here:

If you’re interested in doing a lightning talk on your experiences of prioritisation, we’d love you to share this with the group. No presentation needed - an informal conversation is perfect!

Or perhaps you have a product challenge or idea that you could do with some help with from the product community.

Just hit reply and let me know!

Please feel free to share event or bring guests. Also update your RSVP if unable to attend.

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Hi Janice,

I think it’s about time I gave something back to Product Tank, but how fast is lightning? btw timing of talks is something I’m still working on.

As a ‘Modelling Scrum(ish)’ Product Owner, I always tried to “prioritize by value” but I discovered that isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’ve given a lightening talk on ‘what does value mean?’ to Lean Agile Birmingham and expanded it (perhaps too far) for Coventry Tech.

Or: if everyone already fully understands what value is, I could ‘facilitate a discussion’ about prioritisation of work for early value delivery. I’m not sure I fully understood the question the first time I was asked it and I got the answer wrong but maybe we can all work it out together.

In either case, I’d just need a white-board to scrawl on and some bullet points on cards in my hand.

Hi Andy,

Sorry for the slow reply. Yesterday was a bit hectic!

Thanks so much for reaching out. We’d be delighted for you to share your prioritisation knowledge with the group.

The lightning talks are 10 mins max. It would be great if you could do your talk “What Does Value Mean?”

No one has stepped forward for the product therapy “couch” yet. I will need to fill this slot and had planned to facilitate a discussion on prioritisation. The idea I had in mind was to set some questions for discussion in small groups as the members enjoy getting the opportunity to talk to each other on a topic. Then we can regroup and share back.

If I could get your help with this it would be amazing!

The topic is prioritisation for early value delivery is new to me. If you can share any advice on how to structure the discussion and the questions to ask?

Happy to have a phone call about this if easier to work out!

Thanks again for stepping forward. I look forward to hearing your talk.

All the best

My talk last night should have had the title, ‘Agile’s relative values’ but I didn’t know that until after the questions and feedback last night. This is why it’s helpful to bounce ideas off other people. I wouldn’t have understood that my theme wasn’t “value” but “relativity”, without trying to explain it to someone else. Also drawing the flip-chart diagram of differences between software development projects and product development, which I didn’t even refer to.

‘The Big Wall’ idea came from ‘The Scrum Field Guide’ by Mitch Lacey. It’s ‘very American’ in style but a useful reference for your first 12 months of using Scrum, addressing common points of confusion when theory meets reality. I got it about 4 years in and I think it would have helped me avoid some ‘learning experiences’.

I remembered that Tom Gilb developed a language for quantifying value as part of his EVO method. I went to a BCS evening talk that summarised rather than a free training day and I’ve regretted it ever since. Gilb thinks ‘Agile’ only listened to the ‘incremental delivery’ half of his ideas and ignored what he said about business value. Unfortunately, I think he only listened to half of what agilists said about incremental discovery of understanding of the business problem. I’m not sure if the two can be stitched back together.

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