Register Your Interest - Launching Innovative Future Technologies (3 Days)

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Innovation Birmingham are inviting startups, entrepreneurs, individuals and groups, industry and experts to take part in a 3 Day Challenge on 17th, 18th and 19th August 2016 in Birmingham.

Aim of the Challenge

The main aim is to pitch a business plan to a judging panel at the end of 3rd day of the challenge.

Overview of the Challenge

Day 1 - Attendees focus on idea generation and co-creating with their team
Day 2 - Attendees participate in interactive workshops and seminars which assist with developing their business idea i.e. Marketing, Branding and Business Plans
Day 3 - Attendees focus on pitching their ideas to the judges


If the judging panel deems your business concept to be viable, the successful team(s) will be invited to join our Serendip or Climate KIC programmes at Innovation Birmingham. For more details, please visit

We look forward to you registering your interest.

Once you have registered through the link below, we will invite you to sign up for the official event and a more detailed agenda will be circulated to registered attendees.

Launching Innovative Future Technologies