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About us

icarusparts is a funded startup which aims to disrupt the car part market by giving car drivers complete transparency – think Deliveroo/AirBnB but for car parts. Car drivers are able to choose the car part they need and select a reviewed independent garage to get the part fitted – no hidden costs for the driver!

I am a single Founder with a passion for everything cars. Before launching the business, I worked for Jaguar Land Rover and a leading global car part manufacturer. Significant progress has been made to prove the commercial viability of the platform. Based on this recent progress, we have acquired investment and are now looking to recruit a full time Lead Developer. Initially the platform will be web based, launching out into both iOS and Android apps. Currently, a basic MVP bas been developed to show the customer buying process and I am looking for a talented Lead Developer to begin the full development.


As a Lead Developer you will be responsible for the full development of the platform, from architectural design to technology choices and implementation. As the business grows, you will have a team of developers. Most importantly, you are the kind of person who wants to get things done and is passionate about building a successful business from the ground up.


At least 3 years large agency or corporate experience working on eCommerce solutions
Experience with eCommerce platforms linking in with third party systems
Excellent communication skills to ensure Lead Developer and CEO are aligned on expectations
Management experience or potential desirable



(Jon) #2

Good advert (we get a lot of vague adverts here so it is nice to see some detail).

One thing it may be nice to add is whether the technology/architectural choices made for the MVP stage would, in your opinion, carry through into the platform implementation. Or do you think the incoming developer will essentially be starting with a blank slate?

With that in mind, and purely to stimulate some conversation, have you had any thoughts about how you will vet the technology choices put in place by the new developer? If I were looking for a lead dev, then three years experience at £30K would be a bit on the low side, in my opinion, though I appreciate you’ll be conscious of your cash burn rate.

I notice as well that a few people asked for some more detail from you back in July, including me, and I don’t think we received any replies. I would encourage responses - we prefer a conversation to advertising here! :relaxed:


Hi Jon,

Thanks for your response.

I would anticipate the developer would start with a blank slate. Regarding the technology choice, I have a number of technology advisers who are part of the business, who would help with the technology choice.

The £30k salary would be short term, as I would look to take on a larger round of investment within the next few months.

Hope that helps!

Any more questions please let me know.

(Daveyon Mayne) #4

Where’s the website to nose around?


Its You won’t see anything apart from a landing page at the moment.

This has been done on purpose as I was first proving the commercial viability of the business which I have now done. The developer would be responsible for the product development on the site.

(Jon) #6

I guess if they wish steer the technology in a particular direction, now would be a good time to do that, prior to hiring. For example if your tech advisers believe that Node/JavaScript is easy to hire for in Brum, there may not be value on taking on a lead who is passionate about Python/Django. Of course, in theory devs should be willing to try their hand at anything, but I am not a big fan of believing “one can learn something quickly in two weeks” - the edge cases of a language/framework tend to be discovered at a real-world pace, over a year or two at least.


At the moment, I am leaving up to the developer to decide what technology to create it in.

(Steve Jalim) #8

Re the 30k salary point and getting best value out of your runway, are you open to contract/freelance developers at all?