Recommendations for Agile Training

Looking for recommendations of folks in Brum who deliver Agile training.


I’ve got a feeling this might be completely unsuitable, but the Worcester Agile Scrum People (WASP) group are having a meetup on Thursday:

@Limeblast I talked to Tim after you @ed me on Slack. He talked to his people and they decided to do in-house training with their own agilists but I was preparing a list of resources. There are a couple of Agile groups in Brum, in the JQ and Custard Factory, and one in Coventry. Agile Staffs is not currently meeting. He wanted agility explaining to the people who don’t currently use it but the groups tend to cover a topic per meeting so it might be a hard way to learn from scratch but good for reinforcement.

Cheers both! Andy has been brilliant in his initial chat with me and we were part way through framing something but, as mentioned, we will be doing it in-house in the first instance. If anything changes or develops, I will let you know.

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