Rebel Makers Club - free coding/electronics club for all ages/skill levels

(Kevin Lewis) #1

Hey all,

I’m part of the team over at Rebel Uncut in the JQ. Every month we’ve been running a club for everyone who’s interested in technology (coding, electronics, digital production) regardless of age or skill level.

It’s been going really well so far, with lots of useful feedback that we’ve taken on board. The members (we call them Rebels) influence pretty much every part of what we do and it’s really fantastic. On top of the drop-in club, we’re running a workshop every club around something that the group wish to learn.

Next two are in November:

  1. Early November (7th). Workshop is Web Design Interactive as a follow up to yesterday’s workshop on the basics of web design. Anyone can come with niggly problems or questions and we’ll work through them together so everyone can learn from them. Tickets here.
  2. Late November (28th). Workshop is on electronics, starting with a complete beginners session and followed up by an interactive for those who want to be trained on specific pieces of more advanced kit. Tickets here.

Setting up a page in the next fortnight to host our safeguarding documents, risk assessment, outline of our values and ethos and code of conduct.

Hopefully we’ll see you there as a maker or a mentor, and I’d really love (if you want to) if you could spread the word about it - the club is @RebelMakersClub on twitter.

(Andy Wootton) #2

@phazonoverload I was thinking after OpenRightsBrum and chatting to @Jess at Skeptics in the Pub that I hadn’t seen you for a while. That suddenly makes sense. Jess will be pleased that you are thinking about safeguarding early, I’m sure. We must catch up IRL soon.

(Kevin Lewis) #3

Yeah, I no longer work at (Y)RS having resigned along with Julia, Nat and Kate the day after the Festival finished. I’m still around in Brum through, working at Rebel Uncut with J, N and K as well as on new projects.

Let’s catch up soon! I tried to make it along to the last couple of ORGBrum Meetups, but it always seems to fall on a night where I can’t be there.

(Andy Wootton) #4

Interesting. I was discussing with @maxehmookau that we thought what YRS appeared to be trying to do was great but that we weren’t entirely convinced about how they were doing it or the direction they seemed to be pushing the kids in. Are Julia, Nat and Kate here at

(Max Woolf) #5

Yeah, I was unaware of the mass-resignations :o

With the changes next year, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to YRS!

(Kevin Lewis) #6

I’ll pass no comment on what I think of their plans, or as an organisation after we, unfortunately, did not leave on amicable terms.

But hey, the Rebel Makers Club is going very well, and there are much wider plans for it in the coming months that you can contribute to if you’re interested. If you’re ever around the JQ, drop by for a drink - we’re around most days.

(Max Woolf) #7

Sad to hear that :frowning: I didn’t like some of the things I saw at YRS this year but overall it does a good thing. (I think.)

I’m well up for contributing to the RMC :slight_smile: I work in the jewellery quarter so meeting up should be easy if you fancy it.

(Jessica Rose) #8

Yeah, you should probably grab myself or someone else who has been associated with the org for a quiet chat sometime, re: safeguarding :sweat_smile:

(Max Woolf) #9

I’d heard rumours. We should meet up next time you’re in brum anyway! :slight_smile:

(Jessica Rose) #10

Back from Dec 5th! Devrel life, and all that. Home for at least a month, so holler/DM if you fancy a beer or some cake

(Andy Wootton) #11

It’s THIS Saturday! It only seems a week since we Camped @phazonoverload @cwissy @bhish @limeblast. (And @poppie, I guess, but she mostly hung around with the bigger kids :slight_smile:

I want to mend my Raspberry Pi Lisp machine this time. Pass the Sonic Pi screw-driver?

(Daniel Hollands) #12

Alas, I doubt I’ll be able to make it this month, I’ll be busy getting ready to go to Iceland. I hope y’all have fun.