Rebel Makers Camp - 29 October 2016

(Kevin Lewis) #1


My team over at Rebel Labs is running Rebel Makers Camp on October 29. There will be talks, workshops and the space to break out and work on your own projects with support from other attendees. It’s open to all (not just students), regardless of age, ability or background.

It’s also partnered with BrumHack 5.0 - same venue, same time - and ticket holders of either event can experience both!

There’s gonna be a great vibe that’ll really encourage learning, building and sharing.

Free tickets here <3

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(Daniel Hollands) #2

This looks like fun. I almost signed up a few days ago, going for the over 16s ticket, but was asked a ton of questions about my parent’s permissions, etc… and I didn’t want to have to bother her :wink:

Seriously, though, it sounded like it was pitched at an age far below my own, which is why I didn’t go ahead. Am I to understand this isn’t the case?

(Kevin Lewis) #3

That feels like an error on my part - let me get that changed on the form now. Thanks for letting me know.

Is 100% intended for all ages - so far the ticket split is looking very well spread in terms of ages :slight_smile:


(Kevin Lewis) #4

Oh wait I remember - it is parent/guardian/next of kin.

We ask for next of kin so we know who to contact in case we need to get in touch with someone and you become unresponsive. It gives us peace of mind that we can react quickly to a developing situation with all relevant information at our disposal - better than needing it and not having it :slight_smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #5

Valid points all.

I’ve signed up at any rate - I’ve always had fun at your events.

(Poppie Simmonds) #6


It’s going to be so good sharing the same venue and letting our attendees experience each others’ events #sharingiscaring

(Andy Wootton) #7

It’s a very Brum way of doing things. Advertise your competitors; grow the total market. Musicians from That London can never believe how co-operative Birmingham promoters are, or when they pay them instead of running off with the door money.

(Kevin Lewis) #8

Wetdon’t even see each other as competitors, rather as complimenting events which can enrich the overall experience of attendees from either event.

Plus Poppie and the BrumHack team are awesome and we’re so excited to be working with them.

(Andy Wootton) #9

Co-location is a powerful force. I thought food courts were a great idea but free market competition caused a race to the bottom. I’m confident you’ll be Mitchelin starred events.

(Steve Pitchford) #10

I’m gutted - would have liked to go but my October is already looking busy with Hackference and Hack the Midlands. Looking forward to getting to a maker event when I have a little more time to play.

Still, maybe next year…

(Poppie Simmonds) #11

yeah we’re in different spaces really, us being a student only hackathon and Rebel Makers Camp being all ages… but it’s going to be interesting to see how it pans out! Definitely not really been done before, so it’s cool to be trying something new