Raspberry Pi Zero


Get your FREE Raspberry Pi Zero with the print edition of The MagPi #40. Yes, you read that right…


I saw that in a tweet earlier today, and I think it’s amazing. I’ll probably buy an issue, just because it’s such a cool idea, but I fully expect it to end up next to my other two - sat in a drawer gathering dust.

My wife has got me a copy. Tempted to purchase & connect a 7" screen to it and investigate power and case options for a DIY linux tablet.

Have you seen Eben’s new desktop case for Pi crowd-funder?

A Pi 2 makes an adequate browser box but I’m not sure about this one.

I wonder what this will do to the BBC Bit.

This thing?

Looks interesting as a first pc for my kids. Personally I see microbit as a different kettle of fish to the pi - microbit looks like a programmable accelerometer with bluetooth, which in mind mind gives potential for a different range of hacks to the raspberry pi.

So, alas, I’ve been unable to get a copy of Magpi - all the shops I spoke to said it sold out Thursday morning. I wonder if I’ll be able to order a back issue via the site?

They are $5. Probably about the price of the MagPi :slight_smile:

As Limeblast says, Magpi sold out pretty much the moment they hit the shelves. My Code Club colleague Liz managed to grab one at Euston Station on Thursday station but they were gone in the event by the time I arrived to catched the train back to Brum.

Have had a peer in every WHS in town!

Gold dust!

They sold in most places on the first day and there is no restocking. There were a few places like motorway services or airports that people found them, but most likely they are gone now. The MagPi site has a guide on how to get them. I’ve visited 3 of the places on the Google map and they were all sold out. I ended up subscribing in the end.

I had a look on eBay, and all that did was made me cry - people are selling the issue for up to £30. I really hate people that buy stuff like this just to sell it. They’ve got a place reserved in the deepest recesses of hell.

£4 in the Swag Store

though this might be a more sensible purchase

or indeed, a Pi 2 that has enough memory to run Linux and X.

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That’s the one but I’d missed the original Pi-top

My original Pi (the 256MB version) was pretty rubbish at running a web browser. I also ordered a Pi 2, which I guess might be better as a desktop, though I’m not really planning to use it as one.

I’ve got one - its pretty cool.

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I updated my Pi image last week, so OBVIOUSLY there’s a new one: for the Zero
It includes IBM’s Node-Red that someone mentioned recently.

Turns out you can still get copies of issue #40 if you subscribe.

I just phoned the publisher and signed up for a three issue deal. I’ll shortly receive issue #40 (along with the Pi and cables), and then #42 shortly after (they’ve sold out of #41), and then #43. I’m sure that’ll be enough issues for me to see if I want to get it long term, and actually sign up for a yearly subscription.

MagPi writer @RichardSmedley was at my Intertwingularity talk at Staffordshire Web
Meetup last week. He was chatting afterwards. He’s knowledgeable about tech stuff but has a degree from Kew, so is into horticulture too. I’m glad I’ve told you that as it’s reminded me about the LED-lit greenhouses on Countryfile. It was very interesting. Ideal job for a Pi Zero. :slight_smile:

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