Raspberry Pi: Where to buy?

A few months ago, I looked at buying a R Pi. The site I visited provided a simple purchasing experience for all the components: pi, box, wifi component, etc. Eventually, I decided not to buy, however.

But now, I’m looking to buy \o/ And the experience is horrible :frowning:

I went to and it took me a while to spot the “shop” tag on the right. Clicking that brings you to a products’ page, not a shop, though it has links to “Buy from our distributors”. Oh dear, no!

Clicking each of those is a very poor experience. What on earth is going on?

So, I trundled over to their forum and had a read: and the situation appears to be worse than I imagined. There seems to be a lot of cluelessness going on. This is so sad.

I’d look at CPC/farnell, we buy electronic components from them all the time at work. I bought one of my Pis ages ago from farnell and another one recently from Amazon, had no problems in either case.

That’s not ideal at all, is it? I always just go straight to so I hadn’t noticed that…

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I do wonder if this is a British disease. My main client is a large UK retail chain. I decided to use their site today to buy some bits and bobs. Since we’re a large part of their ecommerce chain, their ecommerce manager had asked me to feedback any real world experience of the site. It was terrible. I’ve written up my experience.

I know that Gates and Jobs both regularly bought stuff from their own companies. I get the impression that most UK business “execs” don’t do this. They should.

Along with The Pi Hut, I tend to go to for most of the Pi stuff I purchase. I’ve also used Amazon.

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I bought from RS though they’re pretty good at hiding stuff too.

I’ve just noticed that it isn’t clear from that page that the Pi 3 has a new power supply. Don’t buy a Pi 2 power supply for a Pi 3.

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