Raspberry Pi 3 Released

It’s happened - A 64 bit quadcore Pi with onboard wifi and bluetooth.

Seems a little soon after the pi2, but the market is moving fast…

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There were rumours of such a device existing on /r/raspberrypi - with some people even being able to order them as early as Saturday (I could have been one of the lucky few, as I had the opportunity with knowledge of the loophole - but waited, and lost out).

In any case, as soon as it was officially announced this morning, I pounced and ordered one - it should be arriving tomorrow.

In related news, I’ve made progress with my BabblePi project, and will be posting about that here, soon.

5 minutes ago, I read that the Pi is the UK’s top selling computer. My only surprise was that this is a new thing.

I’ve found the source of the misreported rumour. It wasn’t the UK’s top selling computer, the Pi 2 is the top selling UK manufactured computer ever.

Onboard BLE is a groovy thing if you’re into the Physical Web

I wonder if it will work with Beacons? CC: @jimbobbennett

I’m not sure I think the confusion is justified by a 50% jump in power so were there people waiting for a 64-bit ARM processor?

Is there any news on a new Raspbian? If not, where will people move, to get hold of all the 64-bit goodness?

I can’t dig out the link right now, but they’re staying with 32-bit for now, but looking to explore 64-bit

Leaving the way free for Microsoft who are porting 64-bit WIndows to ARM and Ubuntu who I think worked with HP when they were threatening to bring out ARM rack servers a couple of years ago. Oh dear.

I’ve belatedly seen that if Ubuntu runs then so does, so I can’t see the port taking long.

Yes, it will work with them. The various supported OSes don’t support beacons the way the mobile OSes do so you’d need to code the support in but it would work. The guys at Estimote are excited by the Pi 3 so hopefully soon they’ll have an SDK or similar.

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At launch, we are using the same 32-bit Raspbian userland that we use on other Raspberry Pi devices; over the next few months we will investigate whether there is value in moving to 64-bit mode

Well I can remember arguing, Bill Gates style, that I couldn’t imagine why any normal human would ever need more than 4 GB of virtual address space but given that these things come with a recommended minimum 8 GB SD card, I wish to retract that statement. Of course there is value. It wasn’t worth bringing this model out for the tiny boost in CPU performance and linear increase in power consumption otherwise. I DEMAND more bittage!

I guessed incorrectly at the previous best selling British computer

Can I be cheeky and ask about the beacon/Estimote link here? Only because a project we are working on at my day job will need beacons, hopefully lots of them eventually.

Edit: should this have been a PM?

Estimote are a company that make beacons. There are a few manufacturers around but Estimote are my favourite. They make awesome battery powered beacons (no USB powered ones at the moment though), and have a great SDK. Their beacons can do the basic iBeacon or Eddystone packets (their newest ones can transmit both from a single beacon), they can also provide extra info about a beacon using their SDKs including temperature and motion data. They also do stickers which use iBeacon behind the scenes to talk to your device but have a layer on top for things like waking your phone up if the beacon moves or changes temperature into a certain range.

That have a great developer community and are stupidly nice and helpful. I highly recommend them as a beacon supplier.

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RS have almost 25,000 in stock, so if you’re quick you might get one. There’s a new black box & 5A power-adapter too.

Part of me wants to buy one, but the other part is thinking why?

It’s a neat toy, and I can see the benefits to others - especially in the primary/secondary sector where the network boot referred to below could be a real boon:

But to use it at home, I think I need NAS… It seems an ace terminal for a home server…


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I used my Pi 2 for a few days when 64 bit Java killed my Freemind. It was comparable with my Atomic Revo but ‘different’. It’s the best £30 computer I’ve used.

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