Raspberry Pi 2 available

Those nice Raspberry people have made a Pi 2 and this time they’re serious.
Slightly under £27.50, including VAT. It goes 6x faster and is a sensible, silent Linux config.

I’ve ordered one. They’ve only made a first batch of 100,000. I almost bought 4 to cluster but it didn’t seem fair.

Welsh manufactured. Quite shiny.

I’ve still got two original Pis that I’ve not done anything with, so I’m not sure what I’d do with a 2nd generation one.

My main computers are a pair of Atom-powered Acer Revos. One broke. This is cheaper than a power supply :smile:

I didn’t buy a Pi B because it wasn’t fast enough to do anything without frustration. I think this one might be.

It’s on my to-buy list, possibly later this month or early next month (if still in stock).

My current plan is to attach an external HDD and use it as a peasant’s NAS. Hopefully the extra power will enable it to feasibly used as a media server too (the pi B couldn’t handle transcoding well enough), but that’s not too important.

Apparently it is now capable of running full Debian Linux so hopefully it is as good as any other USB NAS.

Update: I won’t be getting one after all. RS accepted my order despite me having given an incorrect digit in my card information. Now that is sorted out, they are out of stock. More in this month but I cancelled the order.


I noticed that the link to my cancelled order still said it was in progress. I called up RS and asked the status of the order. They said they’d been let down by their suppliers (i.e. Sony needed to make new ones because they sold them all in 2 days.) She checked and I thought said they were expecting a new delivery at the end of March. She asked if I wanted to cancel the order. Given how well that went last time, I said “No”.

10 minutes ago I received an email saying my order had been dispatched. If you want one, there may be some.

Current status on web site says, “Temporarily out of stock - back order for despatch 20/04/2015”.
I hope that makes things much clearer :-/

I have a Pi 2, which will become the thing that my parents use to play music; description of how this is to be achieved is forthcoming. :slight_smile:

Windows 10? :frowning:

Now with Ubuntu. The Pi, not Windows.

Used to use the old Pi for running browser based metrics dashboards. They’re powerful enough to do this and is also a great use for an old monitor you have lying around.

Keep meaning to use it to do some physical projects and get started with electronics but I have no idea where to start.

I’d start by getting one of the new Pis because they redesigned the IO to have more pins on the B+ and 2.

I have a Pi 2 too.

I finally got around to ordering a couple of Micro-SD cards and a box for the Pi. Have just installed Raspian via the NOOBS download. I ignored the cautious step of initialising card and just dragged and dropped the unpacked NOOBS files into the root directory. It’s up and running stand-alone. I’m quite impressed. I’ve spent less than £40 on what appears to be perfectly usable web browsing box that’s about the size of a pack of playing cards.

It also runs Snappy Ubuntu Core and is being targeted by Mozilla for Firefox OS. Blah, blah Windows 10 [spits]

I may have been wrong about it being perfectly usable. I’m suffering occasional weird lags in web access, despite simple local apps like ReText working fine.

I soon got frustrated by the Gnome Epiphany Web browser and went looking for Firefox. I’d forgotten that Debian had rebranded Firefox as IceWeasel because of Trademark issues. We’re not in Kansas now.

Dear All .

Today i see somebody using Pi 2 build Game Stream !!

That’s pretty cool , we should look it

if you are a gamer , now we can just buy Pi 2 .

Goodbye Valve’s Steam Link and NVIDIA’s Shield :smile:

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