Radio Brithispana: New online radio station in Brum

Hi all and thanks for accepting me here! There is a new radio station in Birmingham initially aimed to Spanish and Latin American people living in the country but now is open to the rest of the world and languages. It’s totally a non profit society and all of us are volunteers. I wonder where I could find any help to improve our social media but also our website. We are also open always for new radio shows, so if any of you fancy doing his own show, don’t hesitate to contact me. If I can be helpful in any inquire please, don’t hesitate to ask!!

Hey @ibaniurreta, welcome to the community, it’s good to have you here.

So I think I mentioned this earlier, but would you be open to having a radio show about what’s going on in the tech world? I’m not saying that I’m the person to run such a show (I’m not), but maybe someone here would be.

Are podcasts something that you’re interested in? I ask because you’re far more likely to get someone like me as a listener if you was to offer your content in podcast format, mainly because I like the flexibility of listening to the stuff on my own schedule.

To give you an idea of what might appeal to the folks on this forum, take a look at what Gimlet Media offer, specifically their shows Startup and Reply All (introduced to me by @skinofstars)

Oh, and of course we can’t forget Bad Voltage, which our very own @sil is part of.

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Hi Iban. Enjoyed our chat!

@LimeBlast (Our’s too.) 3 hours is a long time to waste :-/

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Indeed we cannot. :smile:

I’m happy to give advice on podcasting, having been at it for eleven years now and won awards and run conferences around it, if that’d be useful…?

Thank you very much all the answers. Thanks @sil, I’d love it!

Question: Is it Spanish language Latin American station? I’ve realised that I know a Portuguese speaking journalist trapped in Moseley/King’s Heath for part of the year by marrying a friend of mine. They met via the Brazilian music scene.

Cool! What would be useful for you to know?

Hi!Yes, it is a Spanish language Latin American station based in the uk, but also English and other language shows have an space, it’s a free radio! if your Brazilian friend is interested please give him my email and tell him/her to drop me an email on Thank you
It would be very useful to reach more English listeners so I would love some more shows in English language, so I would love to spread the word that we are looking for radio presenters that volunteer with us making their own radio show, in their homes or in our studios based in the millennium point.
thank you very much!

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