Project idea stemming from Recruiter Rant

(Andy Wootton) #42

I thought of gold mining. ‘Resource’? :grin:

I’ve been asked for a CV for internal use, when a manager was building a new team. @wprk’s tool would have helped. I wasn’t a prospect.

I don’t care how many characters at this stage. That’s a detail / technical issue. I was just trying to identify meaningful words to use in the user-stories and business model.

(Marc Cooper) #43

Ah, okay. I misunderstood what you are modelling.

The 20 character requirement is for the forum. It won’t let you post otherwise.

(Andy Wootton) #44

I wish that had been deliberate but I got so used to a tool I used to use for database modelling making me give a length if I said a field was CHAR that it appeared to make sense.

(Jon) #45

All: is it worth starting a new topic? This thread is for a project to resolve recruiter-oriented problems, and has moved to how to model the problem space in general, which seems like it needs a different thread.

(Andy Wootton) #46

I’d go further than that. It needs a space to share documents. I suggested using Google Sheets for a shared set of user-stories but at some point there’s going to be code. Any plans @wprk ?

(Will Parker) #47

Ye definitely agree @Woo, lets move the discussion to Google Docs. I’ll create a folder (If you can share folders) and we can start working from there. I’ll edit this post with a link shortly.

Ye seems you can. Here is the publically viewable folder. Drop me a pm with your google emails if you’d like access to add/edit files within it. Ignore the folder name, It likely won’t end with “Hireting” as the name but it’s my leading idea atm.

(Andy Wootton) #48

A Java job just came up on @NeuvooITBir at an agency called CV Bay, based in The Custard Factory. Their “company ethos is ‘Honesty Wins Business’”. Do they have anyone in our ‘digital community’? It would be interesting to get some conventional agents’ views of what valuable services they provide.

(Andy Wootton) #49

I can see it and open your text file but to move the sheet from my Google Drive I needed to add (a link to) the shared folder to MyDrive because I could only move things to subfolders of MyDrive. The only alternative was to download and upload again. I’ve created a Google Drawings whiteboard as an experiment but I know there’s no free-form line on Android, at least using Firefox.

On Trello, I could see the new board @wprk added me to straight away but couldn’t add anything until I 'join’ed the board from the board menu. I’d always been the person creating a board before, so I hadn’t seen that.

(Jude Gibbons) #50

I’m a bit out of my depth here - I understand user stories as being an agile term but I’ve never worked with agile so it may be inappropriate! I suppose I feel that currently, tech recruitment works best for those with a very well-defined set of skills in well-defined technologies/languages, with a certain number of years’ experience in each. If you fall outside of those fairly rigid expectations, e.g. looking for a first tech position at a more advanced age than a typical applicant, having coded on and off for a while but not continuously in a job so you can’t say you have X years’ experience, having other soft skills which the job doesn’t ask for but which could be a selling point… it becomes complicated!

(Andy Wootton) #51

User stories are a simple statement in the customer’s language of some independent thing they want the system to do - a reminder to have a conversation about the details later. It’s a good way to get a fast impression of what the complete scope might be and decide what is difficult, so needs experiments, and decisions on what to do first. It isn’t complicated but it’s powerful. It’s the only way I can think now. The idea of up-front planning seems ridiculous for software.

(Jude Gibbons) #52

So would a user story in this instance be: I want to be able to sell myself to a recruiter on the basis of my potential as an employee rather than in a simplistic “what’s your experience of X in years or on a scale of 1-10”?

(Daniel Hollands) #53

I’d be keen on seeing @Woo’s user stories, I’ve only ever heard of them in theory, I’ve not seen them in practice.

(Gav) #54

Right there would be a good problem to solve look into…

(Andy Wootton) #55

Yes, one standard form is:

“As a [role] I want [requirement] so [value statement] and there can be attached artifacts to explain further.” It’s a ‘place-holder’.

“As a JobSeeker I want to sell myself on criteria other than a list of tech, so that I can project a fuller picture of myself”

Attach text: "e.g. sell myself to a recruiter on the basis of my potential as an employee rather than in a simplistic “what’s your experience of X in years or on a scale of 1-10”

or a diagram, though that could come out in the conversation you have with the developer who will write the code, later. There is no intermediary analyst to provide an extra interface for communication to get screwed up and you go into a tight cycle of code & demo to check you’ve understood, maybe splitting a story or thinking of new ones.

Sometimes user-stories are declared to be ‘epics’ that can be split into many stories. This might be one, if you can think of independent stories for different types of criteria you want to record.

Developers will also think of tasks that need to be done to make each u-s possible but you only do things just in time and just as much as needed. I know less about this because I wasn’t deeply involved with that part of the process.

An important feature of a u-s is it’s independence, so that it can be written, declared ‘done’ and be deliverable, preferably delivered, so the customer can get experience of using the software and give feedback to inform later decisions.

(Peter Chatterley) #56

Hi all,

Back from a short vacation, if you still want a recruiter user story then I am happy to help, there are definitely different areas here you should think about.

Also Candidate, could be used, generally its passive and active when looking from a recruiters point of view.

Anyway, let me know if I can be of use.


(Will Parker) #57

HI Peter,

I’d very much be interested in hearing more about the recruiter story from you. Just an idea of what steps you go through from being given a job role to placing a candidate and getting paid. Also interested in your procedures around storing candidate information and the processes you use for shortlisting candidates.

I’m likely to have more questions as I flesh out my ideas for a recruitment platform so would love your input on what I’m planning as some point too. May be worth my buying you a coffee and having a face to face thou.

Thanks in advance,


(Peter Chatterley) #58


I am in Brum for a couple of days next week, Thursday and Friday if that works, give me a shout on my mobile if that helps, 11am onwards, 07979 523577


(Andy Wootton) #59

Will, Sorry I’ve not done those user-stories yet. I’ve been painting a fence before the weather changes.