Programming a bot

I’ve got an idea for something which I want to do with Firebase/ to take advantage of their real time syncing. The problem with the noBackend approach these services provide is, well, the lack of a customisable back end.

If I was developing this using a Rails back end, I’d have the ability to modify whatever data and perform whatever calculations I needed as they came into/out of the server, but as noBackend seems to deal mostly with just saving and retrieval of JSON documents, I don’t have the ability to do this…

…which is why I thinking the way to solve my particular problem is to have a bot to do it instead. But I’m not sure where to get started building such a thing.

Taking the GPS game idea as an example, I’d be looking for the bot to play the part of the referee. I don’t want to trust any one of the mobile clients to keep score, because that’s open to abuse, so instead it’ll fall to the bot, to analyse the data being saved, and to act accordingly.

Anyway, can anyone point me in the right direction for how I’d go about doing such a thing - or is it a bad idea with a better alternative?

Thank you.

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