Program Elevators

(Jack Wearden) #1

Bumped into @rythie at BBC Coding Brum (under 18s programming club), and I was showing him what we were doing - programming elevators!

Check out Elevator Saga, a game where you program the logic for various sizes and arrangements of lifts. It starts off easy, but gets harder as you progress.

(Greg Robson) #2

That’s really cool - and a nice real world example of programming as well.

Could easily be expanded to “double decker” lifts that are used in larger buildings (two floors served at any time). Or futuristic maglev lifts that can go sideways!

(Andy Wootton) #3

From distant memory, I think lifts are the example of Real-Time programming in Michael Jackson’s book ‘Jackson System Development’. I later heard him explain how well JSD maps on to OO design principles.

The concept I liked at the time in JSD was that by making the boundary of your system model explicit, you could decrease the uncertainty in effort required for a defined class of future changes. I’d like to re-read it to see if it has anything to teach Agile practice.