ProductTank Brum - Wednesday 29th January 2020

We’ve got the first ProductTank Brum of the year happening tomorrow and we’re going to see in our new decade of meetups by starting with a collaborative and introspective session.

We will be running a workshop on empathy mapping, where the customer/user for whom we will be creating the map is ourselves, a product meetup attendee.

This allows all of us to learn more about empathy mapping as well as learn more about what makes ProductTank Brum attendees, which we can use to create even better events.

Please RSVP here


We are kindly being hosted by our friends at VoxPopMe.


18:30 - Registration & networking

19:00 - Quick Intro about ProductTank and a few words from host org.

19:10 - The workshop 20:30 - Networking

21:00/21:30 - Close

Depending on how we feel, continue the conversation at the nearest watering hole! :slight_smile:

I thought I’d missed this because I got a message from Meetup, which then told me it was full. I was in the mood to be unusually trusting because I’d just been told the same thing by the Scrum Masters Meetup.

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