ProductTank Brum — Thu 19th July 2018

(Simrun Basuita) #1

Hello io’ers!

ProductTank is a meetup by product people, for product people.

A few months ago we tried out a new format, Dear PM, in which we invited a non-product manager to speak and share their perspective on our practice. It turned to be a great success!

So we’re excited to announce another Dear PM slot for this month’s meetup! We’ll be hearing from two CTOs with experience and strong views on Product.

For more info and to RSVP:

(Andy Wootton) #2

Janice said at the last meeting that there was a need for an after-meeting chat forum. I mentioned that exists for that precise purpose. I thought I’d check with the new admin team if they would be willing to host a new ‘channel’ and Jim went straight ahead and created one. I wasn’t trying to bounce anyone into using it but here it is if you want to try it.
About the Product Management/Development category

I sign in via Google ID but there are other options. From there you can get onto Brumtech Slack if you want to. I regard Slack as being for day-to-day throw away conversations and for things you might want to revisit in a few months time. The danger is that a casual Slack chat turns into something deep & meaningful and it disappears or something that seemed trivial becomes important later.