ProductTank Brum - 22nd November 2018

(Keji Adedeji) #1

Hello Product People,

We’re back for the last official ProductTank of 2018 (December’s one will be a social), and we’ll be trialling some alternative formats we’re thinking of periodically running or including as segments in future ProductTanks.

Have you got a product problem you’re working on, are you stuck or could you just do with some feedback, advice, input from your product peers? If so, well sit on the product therapy couch as our patient and the rest of the group will pitch in with feedback, ideas, suggestions etc to help you.

We’ve already got one patient, our very own ProductTank Brum co-curator Janice is working on a new product and she would like to understand/map the different PM frameworks/lean processes people use/find best when starting on a brand new product.

Feel free to contact us in advance with your problem if you’d like it shared for therapy anonymously, or just “sit on the couch” on the day.

We’d also like to welcome members of the group to get involved - do you have an idea, a good story, something interesting you’ve worked on or are doing right now, or a blog post you’ve written? Can you do a lightning talk 5-10 minutes max? If so, please contact us in advance so we can earmark the time for the talks.

This month we’re back with our friends at 383.

We hope to see you there, don’t forget to RSVP on our meetup page: