ProductTank Birmingham - Thursday 9th June 2016

(Keji Adedeji) #1

Good afternoon everyone,

This month’s meet-up is the second of a two part series on Product ideation approaches & techniques, and will be hosted and sponsored by our friends at will 383. It is also slightly earlier this month, on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

We are joined this month by:

Mike Bandar, Partner at Turn Partners

Mike will be delivering a talk titled “The Effectual Mindset” in which he offers an alternative ideation approach and techniques to last month’s business model innovation approach.

Focusing on a mindset first and model second can create a foundation for fast concept validation and business growth. When creating new projects Turn Partners follow a specific framework of developing new ideas and making business decisions which has led to a series of fast growth and profitable businesses.

Mike will share how Turn Partners create and assess new ideas and explain why their specific perspective has been core to their success so far.

Mike is a founding Partner of Turn Partners, a startup studio focused on the acquisition, turnaround and creation of online businesses. The company has developed a small diverse business portfolio including a dating business, a social media management tool and several small technology projects. Along with partner James, Mike led the turn around of the niche-dating agency Toyboy Warehouse, achieving over a 2000% revenue growth in 18 months. Turn Partners are also behind Hopper, the Instagram scheduling tool, a social
media influencer agency and a small investment portfolio.

Please RSVP here so we can ensure we have enough refreshments. Hope to see you all there.



p.s. if you’re interested in joining a slack channel for ProductTank Birmingham, please reply to me with your email so that I can send you an invitation.

(Kerry George) #2


Are there any more Product Tank events coming up in Brum?


Kerry George

(Andy Wootton) #3

Hi Kerry, There’s a Meetup Group but there’s nothing scheduled.