ProductTank Birmingham - Thursday 26th April 2018

(Keji Adedeji) #1

Hi product people,

Thanks to all who attended the March ProductTank, we had a really great talk and some good conversations.

We’re excited to welcome 2 speakers this month on the topic of “Building a product organisation”. Our first speaker is David Bonner, Head of Product at Rant & Rave, a Coventry based company with a team of 100 ravers. They build customer experience solutions with a difference. David has 25 years experience across product management, sales and marketing roles and has worked with big blue-chips (HP, Vodafone) as well as his own little start-up.

David will deliver a talk titled “So you want to build a Product Team?” - on how (and why) Rant & Rave grew their Product team. It’s the classic tale of going from no Product team to a Developer moving into the Product Manager role and how this grew into a strong team of Product Management professionals. Come along to the talk. If you have the ambition to grow the Product competency in your business, you are sure to pick up some great tips.

We’ll also be hearing from Hilary Reynolds, former Head of Product and Marketing at Dollar UK. Dollar UK provides financial products to customers’ who are often underserved by mainstream banks and operates under a number of brands such as The Money Shop, Suttons & Robertsons, Duncanson & Edwards and Robert Biggar. Hilary led Product for their short-term consumer loans product line and the other leading Marketing for all six of their products. Hilary has ten years of experience in Product, Marketing and Operations roles in the Retail, Financial Services and Media industries.

This month, we are kindly being hosted at the offices of our friends at 383.

We hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you. Please RSVP on our event meetup page.