ProductTank Birmingham - Thursday 21st June 2018

(Keji Adedeji) #1

Hi Product People,

Thanks to all who attended our ProductTank for the World Product Day in May, we had one of our best ones yet with some engaging discussion.

We’re looking forward to our June meetup with our speaker, Matthew Steer, Head of Product at ClickTravel.

Matthew’s talk (The Bias in Backlogs) will discuss the idea that there is a bias in most roadmaps and backlogs towards urgency and known value, at the expense of speculation and innovation. He will share with us his ideas on the sort of culture to see beyond this and allow innovation some space at the top of everyone’s roadmap.

This month, we are kindly being hosted by new friends of ProductTank, VoxPopMe

We hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you. Please RSVP on our event meetup page.