Planet Birmingham blog submission list

(Daniel Hollands) #1

Following though on an idea put forward by @rythie, we’ve set-up Planet Venus blog aggregator for the local tech community (similar to Planet Ubuntu) which you can find at:

The content of the page is supplied by blogs run by by and about the people and businesses involved in tech industry in and around Birmingham. To this end, If you run a blog which you feel matches this description, we want it on the list.

Submitting your blog via git pull request

The quickest and easiest way of submitting your blog is via a pull request on GitHub. Simply visit BirminghamIO/, read the instructions for adding new blogs in the README file, then submit the pull request.

Submitting your blog via this thread

If you’re not confident enough to create a github pull request (although, this could be the perfect time to learn), we’re also accepting submissions in this thread. To make life easy for us, when you post your submission below, please include the following:

  • Name of the blog owner (be it an individual, or a company)
  • Direct link to the web feed (be it RSS, ATOM, or whatever) on the blog (this saves us having to search your site for the feed)

Once the blog has been added to the list, we’ll edit your post to put a :white_check_mark: next to it.

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Birmingham tech blogs in one place
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(Daniel Hollands) #2

I figure I should go first…

(Dave Evans) #3

DaveDev :white_check_mark: is my current blog, very infrequent these days, but trying to do more - anything to do with Tech / Teams and Entrepreneurship coming up.

(Richard Cunningham) #4

Here’s the ones I’ve thought of so far…


Droplet :white_check_mark: - A mixture of topics but more technical recently since Charles joined (1 post/week)
n7 Studios :white_check_mark: - mostly about wordpress (irregular frequency of posting)
One black bear :negative_squared_cross_mark: (can’t find an RSS feed) - (1 post/month)
Oxygen :white_check_mark: - startups (2 posts/month)
Develodesign :negative_squared_cross_mark: (Can’t find RSS feed) - Luke Collymore’s company
Studio Bonito :white_check_mark: - mixture of design and other topics (1 post/month)
383 project :negative_squared_cross_mark: (RSS feed listed in the source, but leads to a 404 page) - design and tech (1 post/month)


Stuart Langridge :white_check_mark: - technical (1 post/month)
Mike Hince :white_check_mark: - design (irregular frequency)
Alex Graham :white_check_mark: - Microsoft technical stuff (2-3 posts/year)
Luke Lanchester :white_check_mark: - mostly technical (5 posts/year)
Luke Armstrong :white_check_mark: - technical (2-3 posts/year)
Bruce Lawson :white_check_mark: - technical web standards (2 posts/week)
Richard Cunningham (me) :white_check_mark: - technical (1 post/year - need to do more!)
Leon Barrett :white_check_mark: - technical (2 posts/year)
Graham Lee :white_check_mark: - technical, iOS / programming (5 posts/month)
Trevor Morris :white_check_mark: - technical (not updated in a while)
Matt Machell :white_check_mark: - (not updated in a while)
Alex Russell :white_check_mark: - technical (1 post/month last year)
Jeremy Walker :negative_squared_cross_mark: (Unable to find an RSS feed) - technical, Ruby on Rails

(Daniel Hollands) #5

Here’s one which might be good:

  • The Packt Blog :white_check_mark: . I don’t know how often they post, but I know they’re based in Birmingham, and are involved in the tech scene, so it should be a good fit.

(I’ll update the first post of this thread with our current list once I get a bit more time)

(Ben Paddock) #6

Mine is over here :white_check_mark: but I don’t blog very often (this needs to change - I keep telling myself!).

(Peter Oliver) #7

There’s an few at, if Wolverhampton is sufficiently Birmingham for this purpose. It seems to be mostly bitrotten, but there’s probably some worthwhile feeds there still.

(John Sear) #8

Mine is here :white_check_mark: . I am trying to keep it up-to-date but have lots more to add. It contains the numerous projects I’m currently jumping between - touchscreen stuff, Oculus Rift and Kinect feature :smile:

(Matt Walker) #9

I blog infrequently mainly about geospatial stuff at :white_check_mark:

(Stuart Langridge) #10

Idea; check the deployed venus folder into github. That way, people can propose new feeds via pull request – obviously this isn’t any good for non-technical people, but a techie person can take care of the actual proposal. Stage 2 is then to actually have offer a URL endpoint to do a redeploy, which github can then hit as a webhook; that way, the main operator can grant other people write access to the repo and thus allow others to accept the pull requests and thus update the list.

Birmingham tech blogs in one place
(Daniel Hollands) #11

I don’t see why Wolverhampion can’t be Birmingham in this context - truth is, I’m not entirely sure just what justifies “Birmingham” in the content of this community, but I guess anyone that feels they are close enough to Birmingham, either living in, working in, or even just doing business with people in… is good enough for me.

I was wondering, however, if you’d be willing to put the word out among the owers of these blogs, and ask them to come and submit their blog themselves? Thank you :sweat_smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #12

Posting this for my own reference (I’ll get this added myself tonight_

(Josh Johnson) #13

I had a go at the pull request but I’m afraid I’m stumped, very new to git!

Could mine be added please?

Even better, if someone has a link I can go read to learn how to do it!

(Daniel Hollands) #14

For something as simple as adding two or three lines to a single file, you’re able to do it within GitHub itself. You visit the file you want to edit ( and hit the edit button.

This does a couple of things, but most importantly it creates a clone of the repo under your own account, and lets you edit it using a browser-based file editor. Once you’ve saved this, you should then be able to follow the instructions on sending it back as a pull-request.

I’m no expert at pull requests myself, and have only ever submitted a few of them, but using the tools built into Github itself is a good way to start.

If you’re still having trouble with this, and can’t figure it out, let us know and we’ll add it for you, otherwise we’ll hold off and let you try it yourself :smile:

(Josh Johnson) #15

Well, that was much easier than I thought! I had cloned the entire repo to my netbook and was looking for how to commit from there - d’oh!

Thanks @LimeBlast :smiley:

(Daniel Hollands) #16

If you was doing a large amount of changes for something, this is very much what you’d do. You would work on your own clone, committing as you go, until such point as it’s ready to be merged back in - that’s when you go to GitHub and create the pull request. But like I said, for a single file, that’s overkill.

Anyway, now we wait for @rythie to pull it in (just because he’s hosting it, so he’s the one which triggers the updates).

(Richard Cunningham) #17

Actually, @limeblast I put in a cron job to pull it once a day (I know there are better ways, but this was quick), so it’s fine if you and @sil accept the pull requests for blog additions now. For other changes if probably best I still do it, in case it breaks.

(Daniel Hollands) #18

Oh, that’s excellent - I’ll merge it in now then.

(Shaun Finglas) #19

This is a great idea, only just saw it on Twitter.

Shaun Finglas

Updated weekly in most cases. Programming and software development related topics.

(Daniel Hollands) #20

No worries @ShaunFinglas, I’ve added that for you, and the posts should start to appear from tomorrow or so. The next thing of course is to create a team on Fantasy League Planet Birmingham :wink: