Pixel or iPhone 7

(Marc Cooper) #21

Seamless sync with things like iBooks, which I use super-lots. Plus apps like Ulysses, Tweetbot, Calendars, Notes, Reminders, etc.

iCloud drive is the Dropbox equivalent, but without the invasive software and nasty MacOS Finder hacks, which I don’t trust at all, especially with Condoleezza Rice on the board.

(Daveyon Mayne) #22

I have found my iPhone 5! It feels sooooo tiny because I had the Nexus 6 for over a year now. Time flies! But still I like new toys, I cant help it.

(Daniel Hollands) #23

I have to admit, I’m giving the idea of switching to an iPhone some serious thought. I dislike all of the things about them that everyone else here seems to dislike, but I’m wondering if the pros will outweigh the cons.

I’m quite deep in the Google echo system, however, so I’m not sure what levels of support it’s going to have for things which I use on a daily basis.

Meh, it’s a bit too soon for me to be thinking of this, I won’t get a new one until January.

(Matthew Somerville) #24

@sil For some of your points, my Fairphone 2 is pretty good – nice (and replaceable, I’ve already replaced my screen once after smashing it) hardware, removable battery, battery life seems okay, not too big, you can use alternative open version of OS if you want (I haven’t), monthly releases of OS updates all year so far. I totally agree over OS consistency, but I only have the one phone so don’t need to compare to others as long as I know where my “silent” is :wink: (What am I talking about, my phone hasn’t been off silent for quite some time now!) And app consistency, I’m boring enough that the apps I use (only 20 non-idle apps according to my menu, and a couple of those are mis-hits) are mostly consistent design wise (even my crossword solver has done material design), but I’m sure this is true.

(Stuart Langridge) #25

Yeah. I have been thinking about the Fairphone 2. Cases are ugly, but I can get my own printed (yay!) so that’s less of a problem. It’s a bit expensive (£440 from the Co-op! Ouch! although it’s no worse than the competition), and I like the ethical thing…

(Daniel Hollands) #26

The Fairphone is a new one on me, worth looking into I think.

(Daniel Hollands) #27

Of course, if I was to get an iPhone, I’d have to get an iPad too :thinking: (My Nexus 9 is getting on a bit).

(Andy Wootton) #28

You would. Apple-only interop.

(Daveyon Mayne) #29

Funny you said that. I may need an Apple Watch also :smile: