Petition against not paying staff for "trial work" in Birmingham

Thought this might be of interest to folks because of its local connection. Some of you may know of 38 Degrees, a UK organisation that draws attention to current affairs issues via billboards and petitions. They’ve done some good work in the past on unfair tipping policies in restaurants, for example.

Apparently there is a Merry Hill employer who is asking for 40-hour “trial” work that is unpaid, and so a petition has been set up. The petition has 20K signatures already, so I expect this one should have some success. Unusually, this employer is relatively small, at 12 outlets - it is usually the bigger chains that get involved in this sort of behaviour.

The petition has reached the local press also.

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Correct link

(The one in OP’s message was the post-signing page)

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Wow! Never knew they still do that. It’s like 4/5 years ago a computer repair shop wanted me to work 4 days unpaid/trial. I declined without a heartbeat

Signed, thanks for bringing this to my attention :slight_smile:

How does this behaviour escape the minimum wage legislation? I’ve never understood why unpaid internships are legal. If you are doing such ‘work’, you clearly aren’t available for work so could have benefits stopped too.

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Signed. While I can understand the idea of a day to get the idea of somebody’s fit for the job, A WHOLE WEEK?

How many people apply to work their and carry out their trial week, only to find they didn’t get the job?

A new coffee shop in Kings Heath (Gorilla Coffee Cafe) opened recently - the owner had 300 people apply to work there, I can’t imagine that they’re struggling to get a good pool of applicants.

Ooh bless 'em, the Twittersphere is having fun.

300! :open_mouth:

Admittedly a few of them thought the American firm “Gorilla Coffee” was starting a UK franchise!

Sidenote - if you’re in Kings Heath, it’s just off the high street. The coffee is really good and they excellent food as well. Reasonably priced as well :smiley: :coffee:

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I’ve been out cycling with them too, can confirm they know their bikes (and dropped me constantly, winter riding is tough…)

Latest tweet says they’ve backed down under pressure from direct action. At least minimum wage will now be paid. I don’t think anyone was punched.


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