Pay for stream video platform

Hello .io’s,

Anyone able to recommend a platform that offers video streaming after someone’s paid for it please?

Pay money, get access to today’s class video stream.

I keep putting Zoom with a paypal button together, but there must be something slick out there for a small edu business.


Best, DanC

I’ll do the BA thing: “Why do you want that?”
Is your user-story, ‘I want to produce educational content in order to generate an income stream’?

It’s unclear to me if you are looking for a product that you can use to set up your own streaming platform or a service that you will upload your materials to, in exchange for them giving you money?

I’m currently having memory failure about the name of the Brum-based tech pubisher that also hosts teaching courses.

Thanks for the extra BA thought Andy, I appreciate it.

If anyone knows of tech for pay for stream, that’d be great.

Best, DanC

The publisher of books and interactive courses in Brum is

I’ve been reading about Jitsi. If you ran your own server, it might be easier to control who had access :slight_smile:

Brilliant, thanks again Andy.

I’ve passed that on. It’s for the local Yoga teacher. She has a class of “oldies” who do chair yoga but are now hidden away and isolated.

We tried Zoom, but when she moves it’s quite blurry. I wonder if the compression is optimised for NOT moving much at your web / desk call. Or… her iPad is too old, or connection too slow.

The paywall I think would have to be further down the line as she looks to get the tech more “right” and just get in contact with her specific audience… who aren’t very techie.

Best, DanC

It’s quite an interesting reversal of the normal social network model. Facebook operates on giving us something free in return for revealing our social map, so they can sell targeted advertising.

Here, there’s an already sold service and collected payments but the service has to be made available in a virtual village hall, as a members only club. It’s clicks where you’d expect bricks. Service businesses are famously difficult to scale but the provision isn’t, You’d think this service would already exist.

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