Ottitia - The iPhone App

(Daveyon Mayne) #1

So basically, I’ve been really busy extracting few sections from the web version of Ottitia into an app. Been working on this just under two months but not everyday, mainly from 4am to about 8am per day --ish. It’s an iPhone app; Android later when the app has gained momentum.

I know nothing about Swift but thanks to ruby, I could easily convert ruby to swift sooooooooooo this is what I’ve come up with:

Pictures are Sketch but it’s a replica of the working app


The first thing I should see without clicking/tapping anything are figures.

So aim is not to become an accounting app. The more I code, the more it feels like it. The aim was a simple interface that tells me what to give HMRC and keep my income/expenses in the cloud for 5yrs. Got some feedback but that direction was too “heavy” for an MVP and also felt like an accounting app. Dashboard is very basic. Percentages tell you income, expense gain/loss.

Income Feed:

Everything you see works. Next to put this in the app store for private beta testing and to move on from there. First I’ll Sketch the ViewController before the actual coding.

From Ruby to PHP to JS to Ruby and now Swift, I really enjoyed the journey. Once in the app store, I’d like to invite a few for testing and feedback on my vision for this app. Ideally, it’s to build my CV while making a little money here and there if I can.

App Landing website:

Thoughts? I’m all ears. Peace!

Voluntary iOS App Testers Needed -- PLzzzzzzz
(Etewiah) #2

Looks good dude - well done!

Brave of you to take on iphone dev - when I get to needing a mobile client for my site I think I’ll go the cordova way. It might not look as good or work as well but I’m nowhere near ready to do it any other way.

(Daveyon Mayne) #3

Thanks! I was looking at React Native but it’s the same JS mess. Swift is a bit Ruby like so I went with it.

You should look at Swift. It’s very typed such as you can’t add an Int to a Double etc but it’s ok.

(Andy Wootton) #4

I worked on a PhoneGap project which is closely related to Cordova, though I think the relationship between them has changed since. I think the devs liked the docs better.

(Etewiah) #5

Yeah, I think one is the open source project and the other is a paid service which takes care of deploying etc. It is quite a mental switch to change to mobile app development. I’m putting it off till I really have to.

(Daveyon Mayne) #6

Does PhoneGap and Cordova both have access to the same features in Xcode? I haven’t looked at either as of yet. Best to stick to one then later poke around.

(Etewiah) #7

No, Cordova and PhoneGap only have a subset of the features available in Xcode.

Quick question @SylarRuby - the background image on the twitter account for Ottitia has some screenshots within iphone device frames. What tool did you use to generate the image?

(Daveyon Mayne) #8

@etewiah It’s all Sketch (Sketchapp) Mac only. I start to design first then code. Try it :wink:

(Etewiah) #9

Ah okay. I have sketch installed. What I’m trying to do is to frame screenshots of my existing website within different devices.

This site generates images like I want on the fly but cos my ui is rendered with js it doesn’t work :frowning:

(Andy Wootton) #10

One of our guys (admitedly very good) switched from .NET web apps to making crude PhoneGap apps in a couple of days. We tried a Nokia thing first and dumped it because PhoneGap was so much simpler (and free then.) The Nokia stuff was a per-client licence which was going to give us an admin headache and wasn’t as ‘supports all phones’ as they pretended in the glossies. The decision might have made things harder in the long run but it was only a short run. PhoneGap provided a build service that avoided us needing an Android development environment. The devs continued to use Visual Studio with TFS.

(Daveyon Mayne) #11

I think you need to design for that particular screen size then you export to 1x 2x etc. I haven’t design for web so Im not sure what’s available. I’ll have a look later when I’m around my laptop.

(Andy Wootton) #12

Scale down not up but that needs to be balanced with not downloading 4K images to a phone, so probably multiple versions of large images and responsive design to fit devices at different scales. Warning: I haven’t done much web either.