Ottitia - My Very Basic MVP

(Steve Jalim) #41

REDACTED: I hadn’t seen the newer version of the site since yesterday

(Daveyon Mayne) #42

Published yesterday evening (01/03/16). UI is a bit of a pain. Templates I’ve seen on themeforest uses bootstrap and I use zurb foundation 6. I may have to change to bootstrap.

(Daniel Hollands) #43

I like the idea of website tours like these in theory…

…but I’ve never gotten on with them!

I find them intrusive and often just click ‘next’ ‘next’ ‘next’, ignoring what they’re saying. That said, I suppose this is only true on the ones which force you to view them, rather than being an option that someone chooses to use.

Seeing as someone mentioned video games, the best game tutorials are the ones where you don’t even realise you’re being taught, this video explains it well:

As for doing so on the web - it’s worth reading Don’t Make Me Think

(Philip Wattis) #44

What you’re talking about is ‘onboarding’. While I can’t give an adequate answer to your question in terms of some sort of tool to make this easier to incorporate into your site, it is worth examining the question about whether you should (bearing in mind you are building an MVP).

In Dec 2014 I asked the question on Quora, Is onboarding an essential component of an MVP?:

Of the short selection of answers, it was easy to draw the conclusion that no, this is over and above what should be required to test whether there is a market for your solution.

(Daveyon Mayne) #45

Ahh yes but eventually if I’m being asked how to use the site, that’s when I’ll incorporate the onboarding process and make it optional.

(Steve Jalim) #46

Indeed. Onboarding isn’t the same as a welcome page which explains what your thing does - I agree that you don’t need the former for MVP and you already have a reasonable basis with your current landing page, but there should be follow-up detail for people who want it (again, easy to engineer - just static text on a dedicated page). Here’s how we did it at my current client (homepage + two How It Works for X pages):

YES. This gets at something I was also thinking: many/most sites don’t need hand-holding JS to explain to their users what they need to do. Good UX (which includes clear, succinct copy) can take away so many barriers to understanding what do to next. Reading Don’t Make Me Think is a really good use of any product maker’s time - it’s a short book that gets its points across well, and they often have it in libraries – I wouldn’t say it’s a book you need to own it and refer back to often.

(Daveyon Mayne) #47

I’ve decided to keep it simple, very simple. How does the layout and colors look? Not much content but now I call it an MVP. Ôttitia Ltd was incorporated on the 16th of March. I’m learning how to properly vet tradesmen by a company.

I do hope the website looks great for my offline marketing campaign.

PS: SSL needed.

(Matt Andrews) #48

What’s the name of the site? Domain says Ottitia, logo/<title> element say Ottita…? Apologies if you’ve already answered this upthread…

(Daveyon Mayne) #49

Hi, @mattpointblank. Sorry I dont understand. The name is “Ottitia”. I’m lost here:

(Matt Andrews) #50

I mean this logo:

There’s an I missing, right?

And then in the page title:

Same thing there.

Just a typo, but worth fixing!

(Daveyon Mayne) #51

DWL! Would you look at that lol!! Thanks! I’ll make the change and yes, “i” is missing.

(Marc Cooper) #52

The problems of state and why immutability can be the right choice :wink:

(Daveyon Mayne) #53

What do you mean by that?

(Marc Cooper) #54

Sorry. It wasn’t meant to be cryptic. I just meant that putting the site name in a global/immutable is okay. It avoids spelling mistakes. Globals are generally bad, but not always. Immutable state is always safe.

(Daveyon Mayne) #55

Oh ok. Where would you put it? Most to all websites logo are in the global. Funny how I haven’t seen the spelling mistake. Maybe it’s becuse of the font used.

(Steve Jalim) #56

Few typo fixes, to help build / not lose user trust.

for a peace of mind

Should be for peace of mind

Requesting a quote is simple as

a quote is as simple as

100% safe deposits of your money*.

Should be 100% safe deposit of

Also, what does the asterisk refer to? If there’s something else on the page it refers to, a hyperlink makes more sense, I think.

There are more spelling/grammar things to fix on the About Us page, too - worth asking someone else (ie someone who isn’t in your head) to proof read the site for you - more eyes the better

(Daveyon Mayne) #57

@stevejalim Thanks as always. Changes made but not yet commited.

There should have been a link to let customers know who deals with their payment. I’ve made a note but forgot to make the changes.

I’ll get someone to proof read for me. Thanks.

(Richard Cunningham) #58

Looking a lot better

“All rights reserve” should be “All rights reserved”.

I’d lose the informal language from this:
“Milestones, stage payments as we would call it, are a great way to pay
your contractor in chunks. Each release guarantees full payment at the
completion of a job.”

change it to:
“Milestones are a great way to pay
your contractor in instalments. Each release guarantees full payment at the
completion of a job.”

I’m not sure how the second sentence fits here:
“Vetted contractors with over 10 years experience. Highly professional and adaptable.”

I think you really need someone to be copyediting this and proof reading everytime you make a change.

(Daveyon Mayne) #59

It gets better as I’ll replace those images on the homepage. I have made those changes. A bit hard to find someone who has the time to help me out. But I’ll find someone once the final touches are in place.

(Steve Jalim) #60

When I was looking for a builder, I wanted someone relatively local but not literally the closest one to where I live – at the mo the copy suggests that the latter is what I’d get. If that’s true, I’d suggest (already) showing the n closest ones, not just the most close one.