Ottitia - Drop and Rename?

(Daveyon Mayne) #1

IOttitia has come a long way. This was the only project that led me deep in the JavaScript world and deeper in Ruby and Rails itself. It was fun while still learning – I was teaching myself programming as I go along. It was tough but I know I’ve reached far.

Although Ottitia is still a dormant limited company, I’ll still keep the name and/or change it in the near future. I have another project that can go in its place. The drop of Ottitia came from the many feedbacks and advices I’ve been given. I took them onboard and decided to obey. One was:

Dave, you have a good model but it really solves nothing much. Even if it did, you’ll be faced with many legal issues, taxes, etc. Take my silly advice, start over again but this time with less future stress.

If none of you never knew this, I’m an electrician by trade. I’m in the field and I wanted to know what my exact take-home pay was, knowing what I could claim and how to pay less taxes (no loopholes). While calculators are great, I dont see much with expenses baked in. I was playing with a project for like two hours a day and I’m falling in love. Something I could actually use for myself. Trade work is not constant, today you’ll do a job and next month it’s quiet. This tool will be free. I’ll make it free. The paid section would be in a form of an umbrella company.

One day at a time. Once I’ve crossed that bridge, I’ll investigate and apply the right thing.

The dashboard looks like this:

Not sure someone would be working for two different agencies at the same time but I needed to see what two looked like. And the timesheet:

You can edit timesheet and add/edit/delete an expense all from that page. For an expense, a receipt must be added before adding a expense. I’m still teaching myself all these thing with the help from HMRC, such a helpful people. Once I’ve completed the homepage, I’ll let you have a go. BTW, my taxes, ni etc and calculated correctly. The pence maybe off and that’s because I need to understand HMRC rules on rounding.

Images show calculation for standard rate national insurance. Category B is applied based on your profile. Something I found out just by taking with an accountant.

Typo on screenshot and employers ni not included.

(Steve Jalim) #2

your business idea might fall within the scope of the UK money laundering regulations

Def don’t leave this too late. Making things is definitely more fun than reading up on regs, but you are sailing towards a complex area (essentially running an employment intermediary or umbrella co, or providing a tool for them - I can’t recall which). Right-to-work, IR35 and other HMRC compliance regs will likely need checking out too.

Best of luck - hope it all comes together

(Daveyon Mayne) #3

I cant think about anything to build which is not complex, I dont know why. But yes, I will investigate. Nothing rushed. The first business model was very scary indeed.

Im on that almost everyday. :wink:

(Daveyon Mayne) #4

Without creating a new post, I’ll just keep it here.

While still being a side project that I work on few hours a day or even weeks, I can now let you all in to see the process. This is a work in progress with css and grammar issues. Before you take a look, the business model is this:

Currently done

  • Contractors registers then notify their agency to register. Email address is pre-filled so only need a password.

  • Contractors submit timesheets and expenses/reimbursements

  • Contractors’ National Insurance and Taxes are displayed so they know how much they’ll be paid all the time

  • Agency must accept the requested contract before a timesheet can be created. Timesheets must be approved, also reimbursements.


“Is working on” button does nothing. This would be a link to Sites*.

Contractors are out on the fields so the aim is for them only to submit timesheets/expenses etc. Agencies are the ones who will mostly be on the website so I wanted it to be a fully fledged admin app for Agencies.

Groups - *Agencies can assign contractors to Site. A site is a location where the job is located. Example Q.E Hospital. When viewed, they’ll see all the contractors that are assigned to that site.

  • GoCardless for contractor payment

I’m building something I actually use.

Login details:

Agency: username:, password: demodemo
Contractor: username:, password: demodemo


Front-page not really complete, just something I quickly put together. Tell me what you hate/like. Help me see that things that are needed or not needed. Thanks.

Website is built using Ruby on Rails 5, JQuery and Semantic-UI.