OS support for non-Intel hardware and 32 bits

I spent most of my career working on a hardware platform that would still run any software I’d ever written, on the latest machines. I’ve recently started to discover that I’m not in Kansas any more.

First, software, then my OS dropped support for 32-bit hardware. Next, I thought about buying an ARM laptop, only to discover that some Linux software isn’t available. I thought I’d create this thread so we can share problems and workarounds. This could be Windows 10 or MacOS as well as Linux.

A community build of VScode for ARM hardware, including Raspberry Pis.

and ChromeOS

No ARM support for
Skype ( – setup via Chrome extension](

Termius ( – Could not install. So for now using Remmina and Terminator.

Dropbox – using this [Dropbox sync bash script](

Spotify – Installed command line Spotify
The GUI Linux client was already slow on much faster hardware so didn’t even attempt to install.

Installed snap and the snap store.

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