Opportunity for iOS developers at Birmingham City University

Hello there!

I’m in discussions with Professor Martin Fautley working at Birmingham City University who’s involved in a research project where they’ll be using an app developed for the iPad to encourage engagement with classical music.

The team are currently applying for funding and would like to know if there’s any iOS devs who’d be interested in taking the role of lead developer on the project. The app already exists in a fairly basic format, but needs enhancements and other improvements depending on the requirements (from the study).

If so, information about availability and daily rates would be very helpful so they can add the budget to their funding bid.

Interested? Let me know and I can send an introductory email :smile:


Florence O

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Hey! I’m a localish (near Telford) iOS developer - just moved here from Malvern. Would be very happy to discuss your project with the uni - you can contact me at or see for my portfolio. Cheers!

Thanks Peter! Would it be ok if I were to send an introductory email?

EDIT: Ah, have sent the introductory email… :blush:

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