and general club promotion

After the great suggestion by @JoelHoskin, I’ve registered the domain name

This is because we’d like to promote the group a bit, and figured it was a good domain which is easy to remember. Currently this is redirecting to the meetup page (or at least it should do once the nameservers update), and while we don’t currently have any plans for a dedicated web site - now we have the domain, it’s a possibility for the future.

Anyway, the ultimate aim of this (other than just being a simple name to tell your friends) is to have some business cards (or maybe stickers, courtesy of my employer) printed to hand out at the Silicon Canal Summer BBQ, as well as other events and to other people.

Anyway, I’m going to see what I can do about getting some stickers printed, and Joel is going to do whatever it is that Joels do :wink:

Following on from last night, I’ve spoken to the powers that be in the office (our designer and out print manager) and they’ve agreed to do some stickers for us :blush:

A design will be worked upon this afternoon, I’ll post it here once it’s done.

Kathryn has done the first mock up for the sticker:

I gave her the following feedback:

Does anyone have any further feedback or suggestions?

I quite like the font, but maybe going with one of those programmer fonts would be nice :slight_smile: I think that you definitely need to add the word “Birmingham” and the background just needs to be a little dimmer to make the text pop out more - though I really like the background.

I apologise for the sudden radio silence on this - everything just seemed to happen at once, and I forgot to come back and tell you all…

… long story short, a few more mockups were done, the best of them was chosen, and I had 1200 of the buggers printed:

as modelled by @Jess’s laptop

We gave a bunch of them away at the Summer BBQ, and while I have no idea what effect they had on membership, I do know that everyone that received one seemed to like it.

Anyway, I’ve got tons left over, so if you wanted a sticker of your very own, pop along to one of the Tuesday meetups and I’ll happily let you have one :smile:

Damn, I missed this! Got any left over?! :smiley:

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I’ve got tons - remind me this evening :smile:

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@LimeBlast Bring me one :wink:

I’ll have a sticker on my bag, as well as one on my chest - so if you see me, come and grab one.

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