Open Project Nights at the Impact Hub

So, this is cool - the Impact Hub are going to host Open Project Nights every Monday:

One of the issues with Birmingham is the lack of a space for meetups and other groups to work on stuff. A few generous companies (such as Whisk) offer their offices for this purpose, but it’s a shame that there isn’t a facility set-up specifically for this purpose, especially when you consider what an active meetup scene Birmingham has - so this somewhat perfectly fits the bill.

There is no cost to hire out the space, we just ask that one member of your group or the group itself is also invested in an Impact Hub Birmingham membership, at any level. The entry level Mission Birmingham is just £35+VAT. All of the additional benefits of this membership level are available here.

Personally I think this is an awesome deal, and can see it being something that Lets Build Something takes advantage of.

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Looks good, I always love an excuse to get in Impact Hub, it’s a really beautiful building and I love the aims!

The hackspace Fizzpop have a similar day on Wednesdays for people working on hardware projects :slight_smile:

Seeing the post from Kevin Lewis reminded me to mention that these Open Project Nights are still happening every Monday night at the Impact Hub in Digbeth - drop in and see what’s happening :slight_smile:

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