Old laptops wanted for young people's mental health computer club


I’m looking for old laptops to be donated to a Birmingham based young people’s mental health computer club. The club is a well attended therapeutic activity that provides psychological support whilst learning computer skills. We’re looking for old laptops with Windows; ideally wiped though our administrator can wipe if required.


Awh, I gave away all the ones that were in my laptop graveyard. I suspect there may be others out there, though; fingers crossed that you can find some!

I don’t have a laptop either. I might have found a small desktop but it wouldn’t have had Windows. It would be too slow.

I wonder if now kids are using Raspberry Pi at school, Windows is the best option as they are equally(?) likely to have Android or an Apple device at home. There was a very interesting first release of the Raspberry Pi Pixel environment for old PCs recently. Has anyone tried it yet? It sounds ideal for these kind of re-cycling schemes.

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