October CMS talk (at a future Laravel meetup)

So, Mr @paul_tibbetts and Mr @dnewns - I’ve decided that I want to have a play with October CMS.

I remember seeing that it was very interesting back when it was first released, and it looks like a bunch of cool new stuff has been added since, so I’m going to dive in head first and try building something with it.

So, I figured, seeing as you’re running a sexy new Laravel meetup group, and October is built using Laravel, it could be an interesting topic for me to give a presentation on.

This isn’t going to be in time for the next meet, but maybe the one after that, if you’re interested, I could put something together. Hopefully by then I’ll have actually built something using it (maybe an updated which I can show off, and I might tempt some love coding, and maybe a code along session.

Anyway, what do you think? It’ll likely be the blind leading the blind, but I’m sure we can feel our way though to the end.

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also might be worth looking at this looks neat its all modular and multi language out of the box

@dnewns Does that come as a bundle/package?

@skinofstars its a composer package yes but it brings in laravel 5.1 for you so i dont think it could be added onto a existing laravel build.

also @skinofstars there is some stuff going on up by the big peg all weekend food etc just thought I would let you know.

Ahh, I was hoping to find a CMF type thing one could bolt on when needed. Basically a bundle. Like maybe … but more Laravel

I had a look at October, but because it’s an all encompassing opinionated thing, I decided I wasn’t really interested. Sounds like Asgard is the same jazz. Might be useful though.

I found the Laravel package listing site is there another I should check out?

@dnewns yeah, I’m coming up to the JQ this evening! Give me a shout if you’re about :slight_smile:

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@LimeBlast you ready need to update your blog. Looks like it was built back in the 90s. No offence taken haha

I think the general consensus in our office was the same, that neither of them seemed to be a CMF and were more like blog apps made in Laravel.

Sounds good to me. I’d be more than happy to hear how you’ve been getting on and I’m sure I won’t be the only one who’d appreciate a walk through of what it can do and how to use it. I’ll PM you now about it.

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