November Java User Group Meet ( 22nd )

Tuesday 22nd November 2016 - Simon Ritter / Java 9 Project Jigsaw.

We have two speakers lined up, with Sam Tebbs warming up for Simon Ritter.

Sam is a student at the University of Birmingham, and will be presenting a lightening talk on Scala. I had the pleasure to work with Sam this summer when he joined Majestic on a summer internship.

Simon Ritter is a 2016 Java champion (1), and deputy CTO at Azul systems (2). Simon goes by @speakjava on twitter (3), and others may know him from the Java 8 Lamdas and Streams MOOC (4).

I’m massively grateful for Simon, and his employers at Azul for making the time to come up to Birmingham to talk. Majestic will again be sponsoring the venue, food and refreshments. The details of Simons talk follow:

JDK 9: Big Changes To Make Java Smaller

JDK 9 is scheduled for general availablity in July 2017. The biggest new feature for this release of Java is Project Jigsaw that brings modularity to both the core JDK libraries as well as, potentially, application code.

Modularising the JDK core libraries is not just a simple matter of breaking up the rt.jar file into a number of sections. The Jigsaw module system allows for encapsulation of packages that developers do not want publicly exposed. Encapsulation of JDK internal APIs will potentially break backwards compatability for application code that uses these APIs. This session will explain the practicalities of running applications on JDK 9.

We’ll also look at how you can migrate existing applications to the new module system in a gradual and controlled way to minimise impact on users.

  1. Simon Ritter - 2016 Java champion
  2. Deputy CTO at Azul systems
  3. @speakjava
  4. Java 8 Lamdas and Streams MOOC
Venue Sponsored by Majestic. For more details, and to register interest, join the WM-JUG meetup group.

Proudly sponsored by Bytemark