Nintendo Switch - OK, so this look pretty cool

(Daniel Hollands) #1

(Daveyon Mayne) #2

And at what point it’ll need charging? These commercials these days :smirk:

(Ben Paddock) #3

I’m not convinced this is going to sell well. I think most people will be happy to play portable games on a mobile/table and have a console/PC at home. I hope I’m wrong though.

(Richard Cunningham) #4

Maybe it’ll work, it’s part of Nintendo’s proven hit/miss cycle

Nintendo 64 - Hit
GameCube - Miss
Wii - Hit
Wii U - Miss
Nintendo Switch - Hit?

Also the 3DS sold 59 million units since 2011 (I was surprised too). I could see it being popular if it is seen as primarily a home console. Undocking from the living room TV could be useful for parents. I could see kids taking it out of the house, but probably not adults.

(Stuart Langridge) #5

This lacks something in rigour. However, I find it entirely compelling as an explanation :slight_smile: