New Year Resolutions

(Daniel Hollands) #1

I get that this is a bit of a cliché, and that a lot of people make the joke that their resolution is to not make any more resolutions, but for some reason, this year I’m really in the mood to try and better myself (possibly due to the success I’ve had with running this past 11 months), so here are some of my targets.

  • To eat better (I think I’m doing pretty well on this front so far, but I want to put a bit more effort into it).
  • To go on at least 12 hikes over the next year, each of which will be at least 16km.
  • To have at least 6 cycling trips of no less than 40km each.
  • To stick with the running (at around 3x 5km runs per week)…
  • …But to also introduce a more varied fitness plan, to help target the areas which running doesn’t.

So, again, it’s pretty cliché that all of mine are fitness related, so I’ll add one more:

  • To build an app for android.

What about you?

Geeks in boots - who fancies a walk and talk?
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New years resolutions
(Daveyon Mayne) #2

Mine is to have a better approach on thinking. Better strategy on implementing things. Build an iPhone app and android app. Lastly, to have my own company being successful.

(Jon) #3

I’ll happily pop out on a bike ride with you. Fancy Lichfield in the new year, perhaps on a Sunday? It’s a very beautiful city.

(Daniel Hollands) #4

I am a fan of Lichfield, and have a friend that lives there, so sure. Can suggest a route? (either circular, or between two train stations).

(Jon) #5

Last time I went I just followed the direct road suggested on Google Maps - if you know of a good route, happy to do that. The round trip was 25 miles each way, and relatively flat IIRC.

There’s also the Clent Hills to the south-west, 12 miles away. A mountain bike is recommended to climb the hills.

(Daniel Hollands) #6

I’ve just set-up a personal goals Trello board, with some (hopefully motivating) check lists.

(Matt Andrews) #7

If you chaps are doing road biking I might be up for this too.

(Steve Pitchford) #8

All this talking of walks and rides is making me quite envious, however, with three young kids I have my hands full, so doubt i’ll be able to compete with my 2014 £1 a day diet challenge -

However, i’ll be sticking to my “aim for January” strategy, rather than a 2016 goal.

This month - given I am overweight, might try to do two things:

  1. Get up at 6am and “seize the day”
  2. Loose a stone in weight.

In addition to giving up the booze - I tend to make january a dry month.

(Steve Pitchford) #9

I used to cycle from Lichfield to Berkswell on a few occasions- quite a pleasant route via Whittington and Clifton Campville. I think I went through Atherstone and Meriden - A good ride with a few hostelries enroute if liquid pauses assist the journey on the first couple of occasions.

Would recommend the route - shouldn’t take too much to find sommat approximating the same on google maps.

(Ben Paddock) #10

Happy new year Birmingham IOers!

I am also up for some cycling if you fancy the company. I want to cover more KM this year.

I don’t really have resolutions but just general goals, some take longer to get to than others!

  • Cook more from scratch.
  • Cover longer cycling distances, preferably 100km a weekend.
  • More tech talks of higher quality.
  • Never stop learning - this isn’t a goal, more of a path.

(Daniel Hollands) #11

If you’re lazy (as in, can’t be bothered to go to the shop), and have the inability to choose what to have for dinner most nights, I’d highly recommend signing up for a recipe box scheme.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas I’ve tried both Hello Fresh and Gousto - both of which were fine, but I still much prefer Abel and Cole, who I’ll be resubscribing with shortly.

(Steve Pitchford) #12

Two days in, i’m hitting an impediment or two over my intended early rising.

One is waking up. My partner has made it abundantly clear that they don’t want me setting alarms that are going to wake them.

Whislt I have stumbled over this pricey solution on kick starter:

I was wondering if anyone had experience of a one person alarm system?

(Daniel Hollands) #13

I don’t remember exactly which one, but one of the fitness trackers can be set to vibrate your wrist upon waking up time. It might be one of the Jawbone UP range, but I don’t remember exactly.

(Steve Pitchford) #14

Thanks, that’s a useful pointer - and a bit more practical than a $250 wall mount contrivence.

(Dom Barnes) #15

Yeah the Jawbone Up range (I had an UP24 until it passed recently) and can do a smart wake where you set a ‘wake my by…’ time and it vibrates to wake you when you’re in a light sleep stage, so you’re not disturbed from your deep sleep, I’m hoping someone makes an app that does this for my Apple Watch. The Up was nice cos it was simple, and less bulky to wear overnight than the AW.

(Steve Pitchford) #16

Aside from the wakeup feature, would you recommend the up? At £99 it seems more than I would generally consider paying for an alarm clock?

Fitness Trackers
(Dom Barnes) #17

As a fitness/sleep tracker it was great. 14 day battery life, small, light. Only replaced by my AW cos of more features.
The new UP bands do heart rate tracking too if you want more health data, and syncs into if that’s your bag. Their fitness analytics are nice, I find them a bit nicer than Health does it tbh.

(Daniel Hollands) #18

We’ve discussed fitness trackers before. I went for a Fitbit myself, which I ultimately replaced with my Fenix 3 - but that’s because I started using it to track my runs and I wanted something a little more fit for purpose.

It’s a shame you wasn’t in the market for one last week, as the UP3 was only £70 on Amazon. I was very close to getting one myself, but decided against it.

(Andy Wootton) #19

Aldi is full of exercise gear, including a wrist thing.

A wrist Bluetooth thing. Not the weights

(Daniel Hollands) #20

Marked my first activity as complete yesterday - did a 10 mile hike (literally) around Lichfield.

I need to get my bike sorted too (maybe via some solid tyres), so once that’s up and running I’ll be able to plan some cycle trips.