New Side Project: Firelog

(Dom Barnes) #1

Just a short post to share a small side project I put together

Over the past two nights I put together a little data gathering thing for my home. I have a Nest thermostat, and while I find it very handy, I wish I had more data from their app. I wanted to see how the temperature in my house changed over the day, and how that compared with outdoor temp, especially as winter takes it icy grip.

Its all put together with:
• Ruby
• Sinatra framework
• ChartJS
• ActiveRecord
• Postgres
• Heroku

Essentially, it used the nest_thermostat gem in a rake task that runs hourly (thanks to Heroku scheduler) and grabs the temperature from my thermostat, and the temperature from the API nest uses for its outdoor temperature. Once deployed, you just need to set envvars for your login, and postcode and it starts getting data.

View my data: (the last 24hrs)
Source Code is here:

Its a nice feeling to make something small that I can now just leave and let it gather information for me.

(Daniel Hollands) #2

That’s pretty cool.

I’ve wanted to build something like that myself, using a temperature sensor on a couple of raspberry pis (one inside, out outside), built into a home control panel. No reason for it, other than because I can - although it turns out I can’t, at least I’ve not yet.

Because of the type of data you’re grabbing, it might be worth hooking one or both of these into it at some point:

I’ve been looking for an excuse to use both for a while now, so it would be cool to see what, if anything, you make of them.

(Dom Barnes) #3

They look interesting! I’ll have a look at that over the weekend.