[New Member] UI Designer

(Taiyab Raja) #1

Hey people.

Just joined Birmingham.io at the recommendation of @sil

My name’s Taiyab Raja (@taiyab on Twitter) and I’m a UI designer. Only recently discovered Birmingham’s tech scene after attending a Launch48 event some time ago.

Bit of a gaming nerd and watch streams/tournaments for Dota/HoN regularly on Twitch.tv (and previously a massive Halo 3 junkie).

If anyone’s interested in seeing my work, you can see snippets here:

You can also find me on Twitter:

Thanks :smiley:

Calendar of events Project Idea
(Stuart Langridge) #2

The thing which prompted me to think about the recommendation was this comment that we don’t have any design people here… Calendar of events Project Idea :slight_smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #3

Welcome, welcome, welcome! It’s good to have a few people here who understand the design side of things.

(Taiyab Raja) #4

@LimeBlast Thanks Daniel. Excited to be involved :smile:

(Mike Hince) #5

Welcome! Good to see a fellow designer :smiley: Hit me up if you need any freelance down the line.

(Dave Evans) #6

Welcome - we have a UX meet up (currently in Solihull) at http://www.meetup.com/Birmingham-User-Experience-Group :slight_smile: The next one is on the 25th, which I can’t make unfortunately. :frowning: