New job template

I just wanted to quickly mention that I’ve added a template to any new posts in the #jobs category:

It will pop up as the default content inside any new posts to the Jobs category. As you can see, it’s designed to inform/remind the poster that we have a set of rules and that we’d very kindly like them to be followed.

If you have any suggestions, or can see anything wrong with this approach, please let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:

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instead of the template containing a link to the rules, shouldn’t it contain… the actual rules?

What if the rules change? “There can be only 1” (+ new versions and/or changes) applies, surely?

I’m trying to avoid duplication. If they’re just inside the post template, there’s no easy way for them to be reviewed, and may be forgotten (by me, or whoever might manage this forum in the future). But if the rules themselves are a post, and the template refers to them, I’ve kept it DRY.

At least that’s the idea.

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I recently reviewed a neighbour’s planning application. I reported that a URL in the application was wrong and that I reported the same problem in a different application some time ago. I got a reply to say that the current application has been changed and if I’ll send the reference to the closed one, they’ll change that too.

It seems very obvious to me that there’s a template and if it was changed, that would prevent (delay?) future problems but wouldn’t fix past ones. Past ones were not subject to later rule updates but are to e.g. council address changes if asking for updates. Each datum has update rules, potentially complex. They may create a new department for greenhouse enquiries in rural areas. Small Data is hard.

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